Style Inspo: Female Korean Celebrities with Multiple Ear Piercings

Are you looking for ear piercing inspiration this 2019?

Over the years, having multiple ear piercings is becoming a trend both for men and women. A simple change on the earrings that you wear can make a difference on your overall style.

If you still can’t choose where will you have you next ear piercing, let these Korean celebrities be your style inpo.

Han Ye Seul
(Inner Conch and Tragus)

Park Min Young
(Helix and Inner Conch)

Jeon Somi
(Inner Conch, Tragus and Helix)

Lee Hyori
(Upper Lobe)

Momoland’s Lee Hyebin
(Upper Lobe, Helix, Forward Helix)

Oh Yeon Seo
(Upper Lobe)

Shin Min Ah

Yoon Eun Hye
(Inner Conch, Helix, Upper Lobe)

(Rook, Tragus)


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