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Super Pop Con in Manila Marks It’s First Anniversary

On July 7 last year, Filipino Kpop fans witnessed the unforgettable concert experience of various k-pop acts such as VIXX, B.A.P, Pentagon, B.I.G, BTOB, B1A4 and our very own Kriesha Tiu. Many fans from different fandoms gathered at the Mall of Asia Arena to support their respective bias groups. Today, as we are celebrating the first anniversary of Super Pop Con in Manila, let’s reminisce some memorable moments and feels that will make you inspire to attend a k-pop concert in the near future.

Mga bes, this is in random order. I really don’t remember the actual order of line ups. ^^

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BTOB presscon 💕

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BTOB! OMG mga bes! This is where my melody heart started beating for them. HAHA! Seeing these 7 lovely boys upclose makes my heart fluttered. And yes, it’s my first year anniversary too…as a MELODY. Yay! Hihi! Sobrang talented talaga nila, mga bes. I was actually from different fandom that time but they got me when they sang my ultimate favorite BTOB song, Someday. I was at the point that i don’t care if i was wearing a different fandom shirt. I found myself cheering and googling their names on my phone at the same time. Yes, i can’t wait after the concert. I need to search for their names so i can cheer for them completely. HAHA!

You can watch my own fancam of BTOB’s Someday here:

Next is B.A.P. I first saw them live at the One K Concert last March 2, 2017. Their songs was actually pretty good. Everybody at the arena are singing to their songs like No Mercy and Wake Me Up. It literally gave us the LSS Vibes.





K-pop group VIXX also performed that time. I recognized them well because they’re the first K-pop group i saw in person. It was like 2 or 3 years ago. They were still a rookie that time. Anyway, i was convinced that they really are the kings of concept. Their costumes were superb and matches their songs really well. And they’re so cute. hihi…

Next is B.I.G. When i first heard that they are added in the line-up. I immediately did a quick research about them. Since i’m seeing them for the very first time, i expected a lot from them and they didn’t failed me. They’re actually quite good. And they are funny too. i remembered that one of the members greeted the fans “Good Evening, Malaysia!” and everyone was shookt and laugh, even his co-members. I don’t remember if it’s Heedo or Gunmin who did it but it was really funny. ^^ Correct me, BIGinnings. <3

Watch their Hello Hello Performance here:

PENTAGON was there too. First, i said to myself that i will not go fangirling over a group that has too many members, AGAIN. I was an OT15 Super Junior stan before (That was a different story. Hehe!). Nakakaloka, mga bes. I, for the nth time, ate my words again. Pentagon captured the hearts of so many fans that night, and my heart was included. HAHA! Who would’ve have thought that these 9 handsome and talented guys (Their other member, Yan-an wasn’t there to performed that night. huhu..) And my heart was captured by that small cute guy in the middle (After the show, i immediately asked for his name to their fanbase (Pentagon Philippines) admins. It’s Jo Jinho. Hihihi!

Pentagon’s Intro + BEAUTIFUL Performance:

Our Pinoy heart felt so proud that night when our kababayan and rising k-pop star Kriesha Tiu went up on stage and performed her debut song entitled Trouble. Her PH fanbase Kriesha Tiu Philippines and fans from different fandoms gave their full support by holding the banner distributed by her fanbase while she was performing. She’s really adorable and indeniably talented.


And last but DEFINITELY NOT the least, my ultimate bias group, my inspiration (Naks! haha!), B1A4! <3 Seeing them for the second time is like a dream come true for me. And the second encounter was really, really special for me. They prepared their hit songs such as Good Timing, Baby Goodnight and What’s Happening? that made the whole arena dance and hyped. They also serenaded the fans with their ballad hits entitled Lonely and A Lie. They just proved that their charm is still there even after 7 years in the industry.

Find me nalang, Bes! hihi..
B1A4’s CNU
B1A4’s Jinyoung
B1A4’s Baro
B1A4’s Sandeul
B1A4’s Gongchan
Treasured Moment. <3

B1A4’s Baby Goodnight Performance:

So, that’s it for our throwback experience with Super Pop Con in Manila. Do you have your own Super Pop Con experience too? You can share it on our comment section below. Ilabas na ang mga naitagong feels ’cause it’s #Happy1stAnniversarySUPERPOPCON <3

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