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ICYMI: Filipino iKONIC Brings a Chanwoo Standee during Graduation

Being a K-fan can make you do things to surprise everyone around you. Given the fangirls who brought their oppas to prom, another fangirl made headlines when she brought iKON Chanwoo‘s standee during her graduation!

Check out the video from iKON Philippines here:

The girl who dragged Chanwoo’s standee is Joyce Miranda, she graduated with High Honors din, mga bes! When I asked Joyce why she came up with the idea, she said:

“I planned to bring Chanwoo standee to my school for my moving up because he’s one of the reason[s] why I moved up, the whole iKON actually. They helped me a lot during my down days; iKON was there for me. iKON was there to cheer me up and make me happy.

Joyce told me that her parents even helped her in making the standee because they also love iKON! #ParentingGoals. However, only her classmates were aware of her plan on bringing the standee during the rites. Joyce added when her teachers saw the standee, “I’m glad because they are happy [about it], they are even smiling when I brought Chan on stage.”

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Asking how she felt when her video went viral, Joyce humbly answered:

“First, hindi ko po inexpect na mag viviral siya. Nakakataba po ng puso because ang dami po naming napasaya ni Chan. Napakasaya ko po dahil dinala ko yung standee para mas makilala pa ang iKON dito sa Ilocos Norte and dito sa Philippines, and I guess I succeeded, may mga new fans na po sila at nasiyahan sa ginawa ko.

Ending the conversation with Joyce, she wished all her fellow graduating iKONICs the following:

“To my fellow iKONICs who are graduating, congratulations! You made it! Thank you for being with iKON! iKON and iKONICs are so proud of you! Let’s be happy always! Spread [the] love!”

Joyce also requested for you guys to visit and subscribe to Chanwoo’s Youtube channel!

On behalf of Annyeong Oppa, we wish all the graduating fangirls and fanboys our warmest Congratulations! Hindi hadlang ang K-drama, K-Pop, Oppas, and Noonas to graduate! As long as you fangirl/fanboy responsibly mga bes, you will achieve your dreams!

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We would like to thank Joyce Miranda for giving us some time in helping us write this article, congrats ulit bes!

Featured Image Source: From the video courtesy of iKON Philippines.

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