Here’s why every fangirl could relate to this new Jollibee commercial even if they are single

Have you ever seen the newest commercial of Jollibee for their Valentine series ‘The Proposal’?

screencap from Jollibee commercial

Have you felt that you can’t relate to it because you’re single right now or you may not have been to any relationship before? As a K-fangirl, here’s why you could totally relate to it.

The video tells about the story of Hans who fell in love with a girl whom he thought he would end up marrying. He becomes miserable after being rejected with his proposal which terribly affected his well-being and even his work performance.

screencap from Jollibee commercial

Then there’s Lianne, his officemate, who gives him an advice which you could also apply as a fangirl.

screencap from Jollibee commercial

“Ang mali mo kasi Hans, umikot yung mundo mo sa isang tao. Kaya nung umalis sya, end of the world ka.”

(“You know what you did wrong? You made her your world. So when she left, it was end of the world for you.”)

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As a fangirl, it’s inevitable to fall in love with your favorite Kdrama or Kpop stars for so many reasons that even our fingers couldn’t count. Other people may not understand you but you know in yourself that you certainly love that person. There are times that you get hurt and usually go through different emotional stages because of them like temporarily leaving to serve in the military, having a dating issue or marrying someone that is not you. Your idol brings you so much happiness but it’s also true that he can be the cause of your sadness. And it’s okay because your feelings as a fangirl are valid. You are not alone.

But as what the Jollibee commercial implies, don’t make him your world so that we he has to leave, it’s not the end of the world for you. Don’t make him your world, just make him a part of it. So whenever your idol enters the military, starts dating or end up marrying someone and it’s not you, it won’t be the end of your fangirling journey.

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Fangirl at your own risk and at your own pace. You may choose to fangirl moderately because once you’ve fallen so hard, it will be so difficult so to go back being a casual fan, a casual listener.

Fangirl but still know the reality. You must still draw the line so you can fangirl responsibly. Your idol definitely has his own life outside of the entertainment industry, so should you. You can spend time with your family and friends or you say yes to that person who’s been asking you for a date. You may not be their world too but they might want you to be part of it and bring you so much happiness.

screencap from Jollibee commercial

P.S. Pero sana lahat may magbibigay ng ‘libreng Yumburger pampasaya’

screencap from Jollibee commercial

Watch the full commercial below:

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