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Highlights: South Korean Actor Lee Jong-suk Successfully Held His Very First Fan Meeting in Manila

Last Sunday, the big dome was filled with loud cheers and fan chants to show some love for Lee Jong-suk. Lee was amazed when he saw the huge crowd cheering and waving their light sticks. (He even posted a video on his IG bes!)

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Thank you Manila ❤️ 행복해야해 안녕..😭

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As we all know, Manila is the last stop of his 2018 Crank Up Tour and also his first time to meet his filipino fans. The event was hosted by Ms. Giselle Sanchez, who’s also a big fan of him.

The host asked him about his first impression of the filipino fans.

“I came here feeling nervous and excited because it’s my first time seeing my filipino fans and also Manila is the last stop of our Crank Up tour. I hope that we have a good time today.” 




One of the highlights of this fan meeting is the segment called Lee Jong-suk’s Brain Structure which the host chose some words from the screen (As seen on the picture below) and asked Lee Jong-suk some questions regarding that particular word.


The first word is Family. 

Question: What kind of son are you?

“I tried to have a friendly relationship with my Mom, but i actually really don’t know”

The second word is Stress.

Question: How do you manage Stress?

“I usually release my stress by eating delicious food. But now, since i’m entering a new drama series, i can’t release my stress in that way. But i guess meeting my fans like this can release my stress”

The third word is Year 2018.

Question: How meaningful is Year 2018 for you? 

“This year, i turned 30 in the korean age system and because of that i tried to become more mature. I have alot of thoughts and concerns. And also i met my fans through the fan meetings and also i was thinking about what to do with my next projects. And because next year, we might have a break from each other. So….”

Aww…. 🙁

You can watch the full video here:

Another highlight from this event is the “Best Scenes” of Lee Jong-suk. They showed the top 3 kilig scenes from his past korean dramas. You can watch the fancam below:

The much awaited scenario of this event was seeing him played the piano and not just that, he even sang a few songs. (He’s like making harana to us, right? Lakas maka-dalagang pilipina bes hahaha)

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Honestly, i am a fan of Lee Jong-suk but not that much. I just admire him as an actor and that’s it. But after i watched his fan meeting last night and got to know him more, i fell in love with him (hahaha!). I never thought that he’s really adorable and cheerful in person. And i can see the way he smile and looked at his fans, it’s just admirable.


On behalf of Annyeong Oppa, i would like to thank Pulp Live World for making this event possible. We would also like to thank A-man Project and ofcourse Lee Jong-suk Oppa for being such an amazing person. Thank you for making us happy. We will miss you.


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