To be able to wander around South Korea is a dream come true in itself but to be able to see your Kpop bias while you’re there is on another level.

Last 2018, I was able to see some Kpop stars during my trips to Korea including BTOB, B1A4, BTS, Pentagon, BlackPink, (G)I-dle and many more.

BTOB at S-Plex Fansigning Event
B1A4 at Lotte Family Concert
Pentagon’s Hui and Jinho outside KBS after Music Bank Pre-recording
BTS at Lotte Family Concert
(G)I-dle’s Miyeon and Minnie at M Countdown
BlackPink at Lotte Family Concert

Here are some tips on how I was able to do it:

  • K-now Their Schedule

It is very important to know the schedule of your favorite artists. You can get updates by joining their official fancafe, following their social media accounts and of course, ask your mutuals or friends in the fandom for help you if are not that active on social media.

  • P-ay a Visit to Their Entertainment Agencies

You’ll get a different kind of feeling when you finally set your feet on the agency of your faves. Some entertainment agency has a café within their building where you can dine and buy some official merch.

There’s no guarantee that you will see them there but it’s worth a try especially during the days that they are busy for comeback or concert preparations. I was able to see BTOB’s Sungjae, HyunA, Seongho and some members of Pentagon and G-(I)dle while I was in 20 Space, a café on the groud floor of Cube Entertainment.

  • O-rder Albums or Official Merch to Qualify for Fansign Events

If you want to be able to meet and greet your Kpop bias, you can also try joining their fansign events.

To join a fansign event, you will have to buy their albums during comeback season or products that they are endorsing.

Most of the time, winners will be determined thru a lottery. Buying more increases your chance but it doesn’t guarantee a sure win. Here are some photos from my fansigning event experience with BTOB during their ‘This Is Us’ album promotion.

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With BTOB’s Leader, Seo Eunwkwang

With BTOB’s King of Fan Service, Lee Minhyuk
With my bias, BTOB’s Father of Music, Im Hyunsik

With BTOB’s Main Rapper, Jung Ilhoon
With BTOB’s Chicago Man, Peniel Shin
With BTOB’s Maknae, Yook Sungjae

For more details, read: How to Join Fansigning Event in Korea + Frequently Asked Questions

  • P-articipate on Music Shows and Open Radio Shows

You should be aware of the different music shows that your faves will participate in. This is where they are going showcase and promote their album. Entering into music show is quite difficult for foreigners because there are a lot of requirements. The requirements differ per group but the usual ones are album, official lightsick, official banner and a verified Melon account. To have a verified Melon account, you must have a Korean number.

Sample Pre-recording Notice thru Fancafe

You might also try to apply as studio audience for KBS Music Bank thru their website and SBS Inkigayo and The Show thru their app.

Application thru SBS app

Or you can save a sure seat at SBS The Show like what we did, you can book it here.

If all else fails, you can just wait for your faves outside the entertainment building during the pre-recording and live recording. Just choose which music show do want to go to from Tuesday to Sunday.

Tip: The best music show to wait for your faves for pre-recording and live recording is KBS Music Bank.

Schedule: every Friday

Location: KBS Hall

Live Broadcast: 5:00 PM (KST)

Pre-recording: Depends on the group’s schedule

Directions: National Assembly station exit 4 (line 9)

For Open Radio Shows, check if your faves have guesting schedule on some radio shows which are open for public viewing like MBC and KBS. It’s more exciting if your bias is the main stay radio DJ because you have more opportunities to see him/her. Just make sure to reserve your spot as the outside of the studio will surely be filled with a lot of fansites and their large cameras and stairs/chairs.

MBC Garden Studio

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Schedule: Depends on the radio program

Location: MBC Garden Studio

Directions: Digital Media City station exit 9

Here’s my fancam of B1A4’s Sandeul, DJ of MBC Starry Night at MBC Garden Studio

  • S-ee their Concerts or Musicals

We all know that buying tickets for Kpop concerts in the Philippines is quite expensive which could go as high as 20,000 pesos. So if you happen to be in South Korea and your faves have scheduled concert, make sure to attend even just once.

Don’t worry about the cost because there are free concerts that you can attend and the tickets there are way cheaper compared to concerts in the Philippines. Sometimes it’s being held in provinces so you only have to pay for your transpo and get free seat. The usual ticket price for a VIP or standing VIP ranges from 5,000 to 6,000 pesos and 500 pesos for general admission. Yes mga bes! You’re reading it right!

The ticketing can be intimidating because you will need a fast speed internet connection to be able to book your ticket. Remember that you will be competing with fellow fans around the globe to get the best possible seat so make sure to set your alarm once the tickets go on sale and have your details ready for the payment section. You could also register for a pre-selling period if you are a member of your group’s official fanclub which comes with a member ID.

The 33rd JTBC Golden Disk Awards is happening on Jan 5-6, 2019. Possible line up includes BTS, WannaOne, Seventeen, Monsta X, BlackPink, Twice, Mamamoo, (G)I-dle and many more!

You can easily book your tickets here.

While the 28th Seoul Music Awards is happening on January 15, 2019 at Gocheok Sky Dome. Possible line up includes BTS, Seventeen, WannaOne, IKON, Twice, Red Velvet, NCT and many more!

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You can book your tickets here.

Ticket includes:

~1 entrance ticket (first floor seat)

~1 Return Bus Ticket

Get P500 OFF when you use this promo code: PHHOLIYAY500

*promo code is valid until Dec 31, 2018

If your bias happens to be a musical actor too then you shouldn’t definitely miss watching his/her musical.

Imagine watching your bias for 2 to 3 hours while singing, acting and dancing on stage live. It’s a whole different experience. A VIP ticket usually ranges from 5,000 to 7,000 pesos. Plus, you might have a chance to interact with your bias after the show.

My first closest encounter with my ultimate bias was when I watched his musical last November 2017.

I hope that you got some useful tips in this article if you’re planning to have precious moments with your favorite Kpop artists in South Korea. Here’s a recap and a bonus:

K~Know Their Schedule
P~Pay a visit to Entertainment Agencies
O~Order Albums or Official Merch to Qualify for Fansign Events
P~Participate on Music Shows and Open Radio Shows
S~See their Concerts or Musicals


  • Airport

To see you faves at the airport requires some effort in searching for their flight schedule. You must know which airport and terminal they will depart from and arrive at — Gimpo or Incheon. Or you just pray that you will be blessed enough to bump into them on your flight.

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