Woollim Entertainment artists perform on KMDF 2020 + reunite in one photo

Before the month of October ends, Woollim Entertainment had a surprised to the fans!

Woollim Entertainment, the house of the talented groups namely INFINITE, LOVELYZ, GOLDEN CHILD, ROCKET PUNCH, and DRIPPIN, posted on October 31 the photos of its artist in one setting that made fans happy and grateful.

The caption says, Woollim Family. KMDF was more special together. Did all the fans have fun? Thank you for being with us today. #Lovelyz#러블리즈#GoldenChild#골든차일드#RocketPunch#로켓펀치#DRIPPIN#드리핀

However, INFINITE was missing in the photo because it is currently in hiatus due to the members’ military duties; Kim Sunggyu and Lee Sungyeol are the members who completed their duties this year and Kim Myungsoo (L) hasn’t enlisted yet.

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Moreover, GOLDEN CHILD, LOVELYZ, ROCKET PUNCH, and DRIPPIN performed at the 2020 Korea Music Drive-in Festival (KMDF) on the same day and met to take a photo op as a family.

The photo showed the closeness of the four groups and they even posted some selfie photos with the other artists from their family.

These talented groups made all their comebacks this year and Woollim Ent’s new boy group, DRIPPIN, recently marked their debut on October 28.

Watch GOLDEN CHILD’s performance of OMG and Pump It Up below:

Watch LOVELYZ’s performance of Destiny and Obliviate below:

Watch ROCKET PUNCH’s performance of Twinkle Star below:

Watch DRIPPIN’s performance of Nostalgia below:

To all the the fans who keep on supporting Woollim Artists, how was it mga bes? Share with us your feels!

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