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Kim Myungsoo turns secret royal inspector in KBS 2TV’s upcoming historical drama

Kim Myungsoo, also known by his stage name L, transformed into a secret royal inspector and looking good in a blue hanbok!

The actor’s agency, Management Leesang posted on October 26 the first still cuts of Kim Myungsoo in his upcoming drama, Secret Royal Inspector.

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Photo source: management_leesang

Secret Royal Inspector is an investigative drama about the secret royal inspectors, a unique job that existed only in the Joseon Dynasty.

They are government officials who are appointed to be the voice of the people and ears of the king, but they could not reveal their true identity.

Moreover, the inspectors eliminate the corruption and release the injustices of the people against the government.

Kim Myungsoo who recently starred in the 2020 drama Meow, The Secret Boy is now back with a new drama playing the character of Sung Yi Gyeom.

His character doesn’t have any ambition or goals in life and is not even interested in the country where he lives.

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However, everything has changed when he becomes a secret royal inspector; he will correct the world and will be the voice of the people.

Moreover, it was known to be his second historical drama after the 2017 drama The Emperor: Owner of the Mask along with Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun.

The viewers will get to see him again handsomely wearing hanbok and setting his charm up that would make us fall for him all over again.

Secret Royal Inspector is KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama that will air this coming December.

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