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Woollim Entertainment finally releases its artists’ collaboration comfort song “Relay” MV


Woollim Entertainment finally released the music video of its comfort song titled Relay on May 31.

It is sung by Woollim artists including Kim Sunggyu, Lovelyz, Golden Child, Rocket Punch, and Woollim Rookies.

The song can officially be heard and seen on the agency’s YouTube channel and Melon.

As of writing, it already gained more than 2,000 comments from fans including the gratitude messages from some.

Listen to it now below!


Woollim Entertainment unveiled family photo and teasers for Relay ahead of its release day.

This song is the first collaboration of all Woollim artists which aim to be a comfort song for people suffering due to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The artists included are Kim Sunggyu, Lovelyz, Golden Child, Rocket Punch, and Woollim Rookies.

The said trainees are composed by Cha Jun Ho, Hwang Yun Seong, Lee Hyeop, Kim Dong Hyun, Joo Chang Uk, and Kim Min Seo.

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Meanwhile, other INFINITE members are currently serving in the military that is why they can not join the project.

Then, Kim Myung Soo is already part of other agency but he is still a member of the said group.

Moreover, Woollim artists’ fans all over the world are really excited to finally hear the song.

Some also showed their support for each of the idols sharing their sentiments and happiness online as well.

Check out the family photo, recording making, and other teasers below.

It will officially be released on May 31 at 18:00 KST through Woollim Entertainment’s social media accounts.

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