Get to know the rookie group Rocket Punch under Woollim Entertainment

Rocket Punch is a new Korean girl group consists of six members under Woollim Entertainment. These rising lovely ladies are Juri, Yeonhee, Suyun, Yunkyoung, Sohee, and Dahyun.

Photo Credits: @Official_RCPC

The group was announced on July 2019 and debuted last August 7, 2019 with the title track BIM BAM BUM under their extended Pink Punch album. Currently they have two albums and a total of thirteen (13) songs.

Right after their debut, they gained a lot of fans, now called Ketchy, and their videos reached millions of views already.

Here’s why we should stan Rocket Punch:

Quality-worth musics and choreography

Giving you all a queen vibe music that can do any type of musics. It will leave you in awe and keep up to your vibe. You will unknowingly get along with their musics.

The Last Song Syndrome Effect (LSS)

Clearly, you will experience this LSS effect. The songs will absolutely make you alive because of its catchy and lovely vibe.

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Eye-pleasing music videos

The video themes perfectly fit the music’s message and its lively aura will never get you bored.

Remarkable talents

They are talented-inclined individuals having undeniable dance and singing skills. You can prove the proficiency through their worthy musics.

Powerful Visuals

The girls scream power. All of them depicts powerful yet bubbly aura and flamboyant image.

Photo Credits: @Official_RCPC

To conclude, these rising Korean Girl group brings you nothing but pure talent. We stan talent. Let’s stan Rocket Punch!

What are you waiting? Check out Rocket Punch’s musics on their YouTube account and Woollim Entertainment’s.

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