LOOK: Filipino INSPIRITS created 3D virtual museum for INFINITE’s 10th anniversary!

Celebrating the debut of our favorite actors, actresses, and idols every year is like celebrating our own birthday giving us the feeling of excitement and happiness.

Through the years, we’ve come to witness their struggles and success as we followed their journey rising to the top. We couldn’t deny that they have been part of our lives like a safe haven giving us some rays of light in our darkest moments.

Reaching a decade in the entertainment industry is one of the invaluable achievement a group or person can ever achieved. It is a special momentum for the idol and the fans, as they are going strong and keep on paving the way for 10 years and counting.

Last month, June 9, INFINITE celebrated their 10th anniversary in the industry with a live mukbang together with the INSPIRITS (fandom) around the world.

However, the Kim Bros (Kim Sunggyu and Kim Myungsoo) are the only ones who participated the said mukbang because the other members are busy serving their country and doing their duties as the citizens of South Korea.

Screenshot via vlive

But amidst that, it didn’t stop the boys from expressing their utmost gratitude to the fans as they posted their messages to their personal Instagram accounts, even Hoya posted a song cover that made the day even more special. They also have a celebratory message video on their vlive channel.

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Nam Woohyun also had an unexpected Instagram live that day while the other Romeos kept on messing on the comment section. That was one of the best moments for the fans, seeing them playing and teasing each other like real brothers.

And of course, INSPIRITS won’t also let this rare moment to pass! An INFINITE 3D virtual museum created by three Filipino INSPIRITS namely Ryanell Zulueta, Jay Madio, and Mara Villaflor was circulated on social media to celebrate the said milestone.

The INFINITE X: A Decade With INFINITE 3D Virtual Museum project reached not just the Filipino INSPIRITS but also the international fans and gained high-praised because of the amazingly detailed masterpiece.

In an online interview, they revealed that Ryanell built the said museum through sparks space. You will definitely feel the museum vibe and upon entering, there’s a lounge both corner of the entrance and an INFINITE’s standee in the center depicting the INFINITE: The Origin era.

Screenshot via Museum

The entire museum is full of over-flowing memories and INFINITE’s energy from the first exhibit up to the last which contains their last album since the group’s hiatus. It also feels nostalgic roaming around the museum reminiscing each era and their journey in the past 10 years while playing their songs in the background.

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The creators shared that it took them around 2 weeks to finish the museum. They started planning it on the 3rd week of May and finished 3 days before the anniversary.

As they are all a fan for over 6 years already, they wanted to make the anniversary more meaningful and they stated, “10th anniversary is really a milestone to any group, so we wanted to make something special for their anniversary.”

“But due to Covid, it’s so impossible to physically celebrate like the usual. So, we think of other way how we can still celebrate it without the need to leave houses. Until an idea strike na ‘what if we create a space where fans can look back to INFINITE’s journey for 10 years‘ so, that’s how the museum was born,” they added.

The idea of the museum did serve the fans well as they enjoyed roaming around virtually feeding their eyes out all about INFINITE. It does not differ to the real museum possessing the essence of preserving and interpreting the stored collection.

The Filipino creators Ryanell Zulueta, Jay Madio, and Mara Villaflor left a message to their fellow INSPIRITS and to INFINITE as well:

“First of all we want to thank everyone who visited the museum. We hope u had a good time in here. We read and appreciate all your heart-warming feedbacks. INFINITE became part of our lives, and we met new and amazing people because of them. Some people may not understand our love for them, and we are very proud because you didn’t give up on them. This love we have for them will always be our connection to them, even if they stop creating music. Please keep supporting INFINITE. We may wait a bit long but hang on. Don’t give up on them. Day will come where we can see them again as a group.

To INFINITE, thank you so much for everything. You became a huge part of our lives. Let’s be together for years to come. We love you so much.”

INFINITE X: A Decade With INFINITE 3D Virtual Museum is temporarily down as of now but you can take a glimpse of what’s inside below:

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As an INSPIRIT, I would like to say thank you to these talented Filipino INSPIRITS for commemorating the journey of our Romeos by making such beautiful work, and also to all INSPIRITS out there who keep on supporting and loving INFINITE.

You can check the creators account here: @ForIfntMission

Happy 10th anniversary to us! #10YearsWithINFINITE

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