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K-pop Superfest 2021 lights the stage between the artists and the fans!

It’s been a week since K-Pop Superfest happened but we’re still on our festival high!

K-Pop Superfest happened last June 20 at 9 AM PHT and even during that early time, fans are still hyped and excited!

AleXa and The Boyz’s Kevin hosted the show. The two mentioned that K-Pop Superfest is a tribute to the late Shin Hae Chul, who is Korea’s first K-Pop superstar.

And just in case you missed it, the founder of Joy Ruckus Club, Kublai Kwon, is the first cousin of the late Shin Hae Chul.

Together with Joy Ruckus Club and Sessions Live, K-Pop Superfest aims to highlight all of the top artists of this generation. 14 artists came to give a good show to all their fans that day and everyone had fun.

K-Pop Superfest featured AB6IX, Ailee, AleXa, Bloo, Cravity, DJ Soda, GWSN, Golden ChildLovelyzJessiMomoland, Rain, The Boyz, and Woo!ah!.

Just in case you missed the show, we are here to provide a recap for you!

AleXa and Kevin greeted the audience lively and went straight to the first act of the festival, which is AleXa.

AleXa opened the show with a powerful performance of her song “Revolution”.

Her very energetic performance set the festival to a very lively place.

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Next, the rookie group Woo!ah! They performed three songs and one of the songs they performed is their latest single “Purple”.

Woo!ah! was followed by the multinational girl group, GWSN, also known as Gongwon Sonyeo and Girls in the Park.

The seven member girl group performed their songs “Like It Hot”, “Starry Night”, and “All Mine”.

Fourth in the lineup was the hit girl group Lovelyz. They performed their 2020 hit song “Obliviate” and along with these are their songs “That Day”, “Now, We”, Rewind”, “Hi,”, and their very popular song and everyone’s favorite “Ah Choo”.

Next up was the hit boy group Golden Child. They performed their ever famous trilogy series which consists of the songs “Wannabe”, “Without You”, and “ONE (Lucid Dream).

They also performed their 2020 song “Compass”, and “Milky Way” and “Burn It” which are both from their 2021 album YES.

Golden Child showed a very powerful performance of their songs despite them sweating so much. This shows how passionate they are.

Golden Child was followed by the rookie boy group CRAVITY. They performed songs from their debut album such as “Jumper”, “Stay”, and their newest song “My Turn”.

Seventh in the lineup was the popular girl group Momoland. They performed their latest songs “Ready or Not”, “Pinky Love”, and “Thumbs Up”.

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Of course, they also performed their hit songs “BAAM” and “BBoom BBoom” which became their signature songs ever since their debut.

Another boy group that came to the festival was AB6IX. The four-member boy group beautifully performed their hit songs “Salute”, “Stay Young”, “Shinning Stars, “Lululala”, “Close”, and “Heaven.

The last boy group who performed at K-Pop Superfest was The Boyz. With their dashing black costumes, The Boyz performed their songs “Reveal”, “Scar” and “The Stealer”.

The Boyz’s Kevin both hosted and performed for the show!

Next was the popular singer-songwriter Ailee who’s dubbed as the “Korean Beyonce”. Ailee’s powerful vocals never fail to impress as she sang her songs “Heaven”, “Make Up Your Mind” and Goblin’s OST “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow”.

Ailee interacted with her fans and even took a song request for them with the song “I Will Always Love You”.

Next in line was the South Korean rapper Bloo who showed off his excellent rapping skills and performed his songs “Ssajagi”, “Nae Nat”, “Hennessy”, “Drive-Thru”, “Drama” and more.

Queen Jessi didn’t miss the K-Pop Superfest and came to sing for her fans! She performed some of her songs “Who Dat B”, “SSENUNNI”, “Gucci”, “What Type of X”, and her hit song “Nunu Nana” in which she also asked AleXa and Kevin to dance with her! Watching Jessi will never be boring!

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Second to the last was the legendary and talented Rain who showed his amazing dancing and skills. Rain started his performance with his hit song “Why Don’t We”, followed by “How To Avoid The Sung”, “I Do”, “Love Story”, “It’s Raining”, and “Hip Song”.

Rain never fails to showcase his remarkable dancing and singing skills and that’s the reason why he’s still South Korea’s top artist until today.

The final act for the festival was DJ Soda. DJ Soda raised the hype in the festival with her tracks including “Lose Control” by Meduza, Beck Hill, and GOODBOYS, and “You Little Beauty” by Fisher. Also, “Milkshake” by Kelis and “Disturbia” by Rihanna brought out the excitement as the festival comes to an end.

So, did you watched the K-Pop Superfest 2021? Which act was your favorite? Share it with us in the comments below!

See you on the next Superfest!

All images are courtesy of Joy Ruckus Club

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