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K-Webtoon Review: True Beauty

Disclaimer: This post may include unexpected spoilers but I’ll try to write with minimal spoilers as I can!

We all know how Hallyu Wave has influenced us like a storm. From dramas, music, cosmetics, food, and now, webtoons!

Remember? Some of the Korean dramas like Cheese in the Trap and Her Private Life were all based on webtoons but was received with much love and support from all of the viewers across the globe.

Now, we would like to introduce you to one of the nakakakilig and interesting reads when it comes to Webtoon: True Beauty.

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True Beauty

Theme: Coming-of-age, Romantic, Comedy, School Life
Author: Yaongyi
Current Count: 223 with spin-off chapters.
Updates every: FINISHED
Webtoon Link: ENGLISH | KOREAN

About the Series

The story revolves around the life of Jugyeong Lim, a girl who was once bullied for not being pretty enough. Thanks to the power of make-up and Youtube tutorials, she learned how make-up can make her become a campus crush and later on became an influencer. She later on meets Suho Lee and Seojun Han who will turn her beautiful and normal life upside down.

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Jugyeong gains her confidence attending school and meeting new friends whenever she has her make-up on. Since she came from a family with good genes, she is challenged to cope up with beauty standards. Later on, she unexpectedly stumbles upon Suho revealing her bare face.

Get to discover how Jugyeong learns how she can love herself even without her make-up on, and be torn on which leading guy to ship with her!

Meet the Characters
Jugyeong Lim

Jugyeong can be described as bubbly yet self-conscious surrounded by a good-looking family aside from her. She loves to read comics and developed a crush on Suho. The two, later on, develop a friendship when Suho started tutoring her and their friendship grows deeper especially when Suho saw Jugyeong’s original face. Jugyeong also meets Seojun, who will, later on, become one of her best friends.

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Jugyeong Lim
Suho Lee

Suho can be described as someone who’s cold and loves to isolate himself from everyone. He is not good at communicating due to past events that happened in his life. However, due to his handsome looks, his female classmates can’t avoid being attracted to him. Suho then develops a friendship with Jugyeong when he accidentally bumped into her without makeup. He also shares a distant friendship with Seojun Han as the two were idol trainees before.

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Suho Lee
Seojun Han

Seojun appears to have a strong personality. He didn’t come from a well-off family as some chapters shows how he is struggling to help his family with their financial dues. Seojun worked with Suho as an idol trainee in their younger days but grew distant from an unfortunate incident. He dreams of becoming a popular K-pop star in the future.

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Seojun Han
Is it a good read?

Yes. If you are looking for an interesting hobby to do aside from watching K-Dramas, K-Variety, or listening to K-Pop songs, reading this K-Webtoon can become a perfect past-time!

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This webtoon not only focuses on a teen love story but also gives us a glimpse of how mental health struggles can affect a person. The series has finally ended and it leaves us with an important message: everyone is beautiful in their own way. Just because you feel that you look better to someone, it doesn’t give you the right to bully and drag their confidence down.

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