My key take for The Makeup Remover? Anyone shouldn’t feel the burden to please everyone with their looks.

So, I’ve been reading multiple webtoons right now, and I’ve stumbled upon The Makeup Remover. The manhwa is such a light read that I got to catch up with its 90+ chapters in just two days. And of course, if you want to feel some kiligs and ~stress~ in a webtoon, then I’m recommending this title to you.

The Make-Up Remover

The Makeup Remover | WEBTOON
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Theme: Romance, School Life, Comedy
Also known as: Makeup Man, The Man Who Cleans Makeup
Author: Lee Yeon
Chapter Count: 130
Status: Completed
Update schedule:
Where to read: ENGLISH | KOREAN

About the Series

The manhwa tells us a story of a woman, Yeseul Kim, a studious photography major. All her life, she’s been focused on studying without worrying too much about her appearance. Upon entering college, her family is bugging her to do some makeover to have a love life. Yeseul is inspired by Heewon Ju, the campus crush due to her pretty looks and intimidating personality.

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Tired of people bugging her, Yeseul finally finds the courage to have a makeover and maybe get a chance to her crush, Seungwoo Yeon. However, her makeover goes south when her makeup artist makes fun of her lowering her self-esteem. She unexpectedly receives a touch-up from Yuseong Cheon, a known makeup artist, to get back at the guy who did her makeup before.

Meanwhile, Yuseong is looking for a model who will join him for a televised makeup show and tries to win Yeseul to join him on the show. The story will lead you to uncover the stories between the characters and what they try to hide behind their makeup.

Meet the Characters

Yeseul Kim

Yeseul is a skilled photography major at Seojin University and a totally photography dork. However, she has a low self-esteem due to her plain looks. She has a huge crush on Seungwoo, her senior in the Photography Department. Initially, she doesn’t really care about her appearance but her world turns upside down when she meets Yuseong Cheon.

Yeseul Kim | From Webtoon

Yuseong Cheon

Yuseong is often described as a celebrity make-up artist. He worked with several A-listers and idols in the industry due to his impeccable make-up skills. Yuseong is determined to join the makeup competition show but struggles to find his perfect model. One day, his hope to join the said show will come to light as he stumbles upon Yeseul Kim.

Yuseong CHEON | Anime-Planet
Yuseong Cheon | From Webtoon

Heewon Ju

Heewon Ju is often described as the campus crush. She is also popular online due to her beautiful lHeewon Ju is pictured as the campus crush. She is also popular online due to her beautiful looks. Most people are intimidated by her due to her strong personality. Initially, she applied to be Yuseong’s model for the makeup show but got rejected. Heewon joins the makeup competition to initially beat Yuseong, but she slowly changes her goal upon discovering something about herself.

heewon ju - the makeup remover | Webtoon, Art reference, Art reference  photos
Heewon Ju | From Webtoon

Seungwoo Yeon

Seungwoo is introduced as Yeseul’s crush. He is pictured as approachable and a nice senior and has a good number of girls liking him. His attitude will definitely make any woman fall head over heels for him. However, despite his good looks lies several secrets about his personality and his photography skills.

Seungwoo Yeon | From Webtoon

Should you add The Makeup Remover in your reading list?

Absolutely. As much as I don’t want to compare, this manhwa is similar yet different from True Beauty. They both share using makeup in their storylines. As for The Makeup Remover though, it has a good balance of positive and negative aspects. It will uncover stories about self-love and self-discovery, and blossoming love and friendship between the characters.

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I love how this webtoon is light but an eye-opening one when it comes to societal issues (which I won’t spoil here so you’ll find out about it!). The series is already completed, but its English version is still ongoing, but I can assure you it is worth the weekly wait! I hope you will appreciate Yeseul and Heewon as I do and you won’t forget to add Yuseong in your heart.

Happy reading!

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