Another webtoon has landed on our TV screen and it is no other than Netflix’s adaptation of A Business Proposal.

Starred by Kim Sejeong, Ahn Hyo Seop, Seo In Nah, and Kim Min Kyu, I can totally say that the actors picked in this series were perfect. The webtoon gives you an overview as to what happens when you accidentally go on a blind date with your boss!

The story is not that long and it comes with a perfect plot to attract readers who are looking for something to read that’ll give them butterflies.

A Business Proposal Webtoon Review

A Business Proposal Webtoon Review
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Theme: Office Romance, Blind date, Comedy, Slice of Life
Also known as
The Office Blind Date, I Got a Date with the President
Perilla, Guava Farm, and Narak
Chapter count:
105 (with special chapters)
Where to read:

About the webtoon

This webtoon tells the story of Shin Ha-ri, a dedicated office worker of the Sungwoon Group Enterprises. She is the best friend of Jin Yeong-suh, an heiress of a conglomerate family. One day, Yeong-suh has asked Ha-ri a favor to replace her on a blind date. Ha-ri dresses up as a seductive woman to be hated by the man she is set up with only to find out it was her boss, Kang Tae-mu.

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Tae-mu who hates wasting time on trivial matters offers marriage to Ha-ri (who’s using a fake name, Kim Shin), that took her by surprise. Ha-ri tried her best to conceal her identity to her by avoiding him at all cost! However, fate is making its way to help them meet each other at the workplace.

Meet the main characters

Shin Ha-Ri

Shin Ha-ri is a sweet and filial daughter. She is her family’s breadwinner since her job granted her a loan to give her parents a Chicken restaurant. She is also inseparable from her best friend, Jin Yeong-suh who always asks for her help to cover the latter in every blind date. Ha-ri is a very bright and charming office lady making her personality an interesting one.

Kang Tae-mu

Kang Tae-mu is the current president of Sungwoon Group Enterprises where Shin Ha-ri works. His grandfather keeps bugging him to get married and arranges a blind date for him. Accidentally, he meets Kim Shin (Shin Ha-ri’s fake identity), whom he decided to marry. He is not aware that Kim Shin is actually his employee, Shin Ha-ri. Tae-mu appears to be cold and very strict that most of his subordinates are scared to talk to him but it appears that he is slowly changing and his light personality is unfolding.

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Jin Yeong-suh

Jin Yeong-suh is Ha-ri’s best friend. Yeong-suh is an heiress of company and her father arranged a blind date for her to meet Kang Tae-mu. She really hates blind dates and arrange marriages since she wanted to settle with the person she loves. She appears to be strong-willed and has a strong bond not only with Ha-ri but with her family as well.

Cha Sung Hoon

Cha Sung Hoon is Tae-mu’s secretary. He is also Tae-mu’s friend and adoptive brother. Sung Hoon appears to be reserved and very professional living his life with a cycle of only assisting Tae-mu during working hours. His world will slowly change as he meets Jin Yeong-suh unexpectedly.

Why you should read it?

Despite being adapted as a Korean drama, there are some aspects in the webtoon that’s been tweaked to fit our television screens. The story might be a little cliche, but it definitely brings butterflies to its readers! A Business Proposal is one of the webtoons out there with very minimal dramas, unlike other heavy historical themed webtoons.

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One of the things I liked about this webtoon is the plot progression, I love the character flow and how the story is not too dragging with many side stories. This webtoon will surely play with your heart in a good way and would wish it to never end!

Lastly, you can agree with me that the Korean drama leads were chosen perfectly to counter their webtoon characters! 😉

BONUS: This webtoon comes with an official trailer! You can watch it below:

Enjoy reading!

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