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9 High School K-Dramas to Watch

High School is probably the best days for most of us. This is where encounter a lot of firsts – crush, love, group drama, personality, or academic difficulties. What a better way to enjoy the time or relive the nostalgia by watching these High School K-Dramas.

So, take a seat back as we go through the list of some high school k-dramas that brought us charm and that youthful vibe we wanna feel over and over again.

Afterall, High school is where our hearts remain young even after all these years.

Boys Over Flowers, 2009

If you don’t know F4 and Gu Jun-Pyo then you want to take a k-drama refresher course.

Based from the equally famous Manga, the story revolves around the influential and rich heirs called F4 and the headstrong lady, Jan-Di.

Engaged in a power struggle in an elite school, watch how Jun Pyo and Jan Di work their way in this cute love-hate, rich-poor relationship.

High School Kdramas

Dream High, 2011

2nd gen powerhouse drama with IU, Suzy, Taecyeon and Kim Soo-Hyun.

It follows the adventures of multi-talented students as they aspire to be superstars. The drama is filled with determination, dreams, and music.

Dream High is an instant hit back then, resulting to a  Dream High Special Concert  in Seoul.

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Moreover, the popularity of the drama also led to Dream High 2, the following year.

True Beauty, 2020

Ju-Kyung who was perceived as ugly by her peers discovered the power of make-up and transformation. She became the school “goddess” for her incredible beauty.

She goes on to meet two equally handsome friends, Suho and Seojun. As Ju-Kyung rises to fame, she tries so hard to hide her true appearance, and later on gets entangled into a love triangle.

True Beauty is based on a popular webtoon with the same name.

Who Are You: School, 2015

Who Are You: School is the 6th installment of the “School” series started in 1999.

The story centers on the twins: Eun-Byul and Eun-Bi, both played by Kim So-Hyun. Two identical people with two totally opposite lives. Eun Byul is the most popular girl in a prestige high school while Eun Bi is being bullied and lives in an orphanage.

Soon, their lives will change in an interesting twist of events.

This drama also features heartthrobs Nam Joo Hyuk as Han Yi An and Yook Sung Jae as Kong Tae Kwang.

Reply 1997, 2012

A definite classic and the first in the “Reply” series.

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Mixed with retro and old-school K-pop, (H.O.T stans, where u at?) This drama gives all the nostalgia of being young and free during our high school days.

15 years later, the six close friends goes in a mini reunion with two of the friends announcing their marriage. OMG who could they be?

Watch Eun-Ji, Seo In-Guk, Eun Ji-Won, Shin So-Yul, Hoya and Lee Si-Eon in this fun series!

Love Alarm, 2019

Ya’ll got high hopes in dating app after this series, 그치?

Jo-Jo is a beautiful, confident and hardworking high school girl who is heavily influenced to use the “Love Alarm” app and ending up with a love triangle with two boys.

This drama definitely delivers a rollercoaster of emotion that will make our hearts break or smile. Choose the childhood friend or that fine model?

Revenge Note (Sweet Revenge), 2017

What will you do when suddenly you have the power to hurt those who bully you?

Revenge Note circles around Ho Goo Hee who suffers badly from school bullying.

Her life takes a complicated turn when an app called “Revenge Note” asks her to write the name of those bullying her, and something bad happens to that person.

Heirs, 2013

All that glam, opulence, power and wealth in HIGH SCHOOL!

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“The Heirs” follows the lives of privileged high school students who’s set to take over their family empires, wealth, and the complicated circumstances of love.

Kim Tan, an ultra-rich heir fell in-love with a commoner Eun-Sang. He now faces the tough choice to reign over the family business or pursue his true feelings for her.

To the Beautiful You, 2012

How far would you go for love?

Goo Jae-Hee, played by the ever beautiful Sulli idolized an athlete named Kang Tae Joon (Minho).

Because of an injury, he is bound to quit his career but Jae Hee wanted to help him in any way she can – that includes even attending an all-boys highschool and pretending to be one.

Another k-drama gem, studded with 2nd generation idols you should definitely check-out!

Relive the high school moments with these youthful k-dramas.

We sure need to list a lot more, right? What high school korean drama is your favorite bes?

Comment down below!

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