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Hwang In Youp wants to visit Davao City again, misses lechon

South Korean actor Hwang In Youp shared in an exclusive interview of BYS Philippines on September 30, his experience living in the Philippines.

In the two minutes and twenty-five seconds video, he shared how he lived in the Philippines, particularly in Davao for four years and points it out as a beautiful country.

The actor also mentioned how he missed the hospitality of the Filipinos, his friends in the country who treated him well even though he is a foreigner.

Moreover, if given a chance to visit the country, he would like to visit Davao City again where he lived before, “If I can visit next year, I think it will be for the first time in 12 years.”

Aside from that, Hwang In Youp also likes and misses lechon, “I really liked lechon. If I can visit again, I really want to eat lechon,” he stated.

Prior to that, it was recently announced that Hwang In Youp is the new face of the cosmetic label, BYS Philippines’s 2021 campaign named Uncover Beauty.

“I’m very pleased. I think it’s very thrilling and meaningful to be a model for a brand in the Philippines where I used to live,” he responded when asked about the campaign.

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Furthermore, Hwang In Youp also has a message for his fans, “Although I’m incomplete but the fans support me a lot with their warm love, I sincerely thank you for the love. If there is an opportunity, I really want to visit the Philippines. Fans in the Philippines, I love you!” 

Watch the full video below:

Hwang In Youp appeared in various dramas such as 18 Again and True Beauty. Let us continue to support him!

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