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7 Deep reasons why many Filipinos are so in love with K-pop

Korean pop is a genre of popular music originating in the country of South Korea. Subsequently, K-pop artists—who are frequently referred to as the idols or idol groups—are the ones performing the said popular music. Wherein, the spread of both K-pop and Korean entertainment are called Hallyu or Korean Wave. Which cannot just be seen in their local but also worldwide.

In a matter of fact, Philippines is one of the countries with increasing population of K-pop fans. It is visible through the growing number of K-pop fan clubs, websites, Korean idols visiting the country, and other factors.

With the vocal appreciation of many Filipinos with K-pop; it cannot be denied that various individuals as well are getting confused why we are so into it. Consequently, why not we take this opportunity to share feels with our co-Korean pop fans and look back on the few reasons why we didn’t hesitate to stan K-pop idols? Accordingly, we’ve written seven deep reasons why many Filipinos love K-pop so much.

1. Talented

Talented may be even understatement to describe K-pop idols. Great dancing skills, sharp moves, amazing vocals, and other skills like playing instruments, doing sports, acting and more. In addition, their songs and choreographies are incomparable. Which have been visible since then up until now.

Remember Sorry, Sorry and Nobody songs which have surely been used in your schoolmates’ performances on stage or Christmas parties?

Have you seen any group dancing in 2X version? There have been numerous groups who have done this in K-pop industry. For instance, INFINITE.

Moreover, there are even more performances and videos of K-pop idols showing off their talents that you shouldn’t miss out on. Apparently, they just don’t make songs and dance, but they also make history.

2. Awesome music videos

There are numerous music videos of K-pop idols out there. With different themes, they can always pull out the best on it. Below are just few of the many examples!

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Suggested by Mark Andy Ventura
Suggested by Dexter Padiz

3. Charisma and/or visuals

Another thing that many people have been noticing with K-pop idols is their charisma and/or visuals. It is indeed noticeable especially when they’re simply walking on a red carpet! It seems like they’re not just owning the stage but even the carpets where they’re walking at.

Few of the many charismatic idols are:

  • Joy of Red Velvet

4. Stage presence

Suggested by CJ Taotao

Korean idols’ stage presence is no joke. They have the certain charisma and charm that can draw you as an audience. You wouldn’t even notice that your full attention is on them. Sometimes, you wouldn’t even help yourself but comment, “Wow,” or more.

Suggested by Ivan Royce

5. Generous idols

Personally, what makes me extra proud of every K-pop idol is their generosity to those who are in need. Many people might not be aware of this but they are legit donating their own money to help others. Few individuals might think that this is normal because they are earning money; however, that kind of act and initiation to do so are so heartwarming. Instead of keeping it all to themselves, they find time and ways on how to reach the needy.

To name a few: 1) IU sent her help by donating 100 million won to Green Umbrella Children Foundation to specifically help the children affected by the disaster; 2) WANNA ONE has saved the lives of 33 heart disease patients with their 100 million won donation to Korea Heart Foundation; 3) SEVENTEEN donated to a campaign by ChildFund Korea, under their fan club’s name; 4) BTS’ Suga celebrated his birthday by donating to Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation in fan club’s name; 5) EXO donated 21 million won to charity; and more.

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Many K-pop groups and idols have been actively donating to different foundation and others. Some of them are also making sure that they can attend the ceremony to personally see and greet the grantees. Despite their busy schedule, they never forget to share what they have to others.

6. Generous fan clubs

If the idols are generous, the fan clubs are adapting it too! As they are being great role models to many, the fans have been adapting the same good deed they’ve been seeing from them.

To mention some donations made: 1) INFINITE’s global fans celebrated the group’s anniversary by donating under INFINITE’s name; 2) EXO fans donated 17.5 million won to Gangwon fire damage fund; 3) BTS’ fans celebrated anniversary by doing charity works; 4) K-pop fans gathered to help the Yolanda victims; 5) EXO Suho PH fan club environmental donation campaign; and many more!

As seen, the K-pop idols and fans have been running charity works, donation drives, and more for how many years. One big family who extends help to others. Who wouldn’t get proud and happy about it?

7. The genuine love and happiness you can feel and get in K-pop family

There is an unexplainable happiness that we can feel and get in the fandom. Maybe, it’s because of the same sentiments we have. Or due to the fact that we’re being loved and appreciated here without judgment. Maybe, it’s because of the joy we’ve been receiving from our idols and other fans. Or because everyone is happy when our idols and even the fans are bagging achievements. Maybe, it’s because of the song, dance, and stage of our idols. Or simply because we’re able to get strength and inspiration from our idols.

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There might always be another reason why we feel and get genuine love and happiness in K-pop family. It is so unexplainable even the tears I’ve cried out of happiness upon seeing any idols winning in life. I just feel so proud like a mother and/or daughter whenever they’re doing good and being able to bring light and joy to other’s lives. I even feel so proud of my co-Korean pop fans who are inclined in charity works or who are successful and attaining their goals in life.

However, it is also inevitable to feel sad if you’re seeing them sad. To the point that we really wanted to go wherever they are to comfort them. Yet, we respect them and their privacy so we have nothing to do but to support them in any way especially their life decisions and show our undying love for them.

Although, there would always be these people who might say negative words towards us. Please, do not be discouraged. Please, continue loving the ones who have truly make you believe in yourself and in other’s strengths and uniqueness. As what I’ve mentioned in my letter; “We can love and learn other country’s culture, songs, and language while fighting, loving, and caring for our own country, beliefs, culture and tradition.”


Everyone has different reasons why they love K-pop so much. This could also be because of the kindness, humbleness, hard working side of the K-pop idols, and more. The mentioned ones from above are just the visible deep reasons why many Filipinos are into K-pop.

With all that, please be reminded also about the responsibility inclined to fangirling/fanboying: respect, give them privacy, and no to fan wars. Let’s spread love, positivity, happiness, and not hate.

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