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With Golden Child’s wide range of discography, it’s just hard to pick a favorite. None of their songs are bad, all of them are a bop. As a Goldenness, you really just can’t pick one out of the others.

It’s been a year since Golden Child came back with a brand-new Korean album and since they last appeared at a Korean music show. It’s been a while so I’m pretty sure Goldenness misses them and would want a new album from the popular K-pop boy group.

So, if you are a Goldenness and miss them, here are 12 songs, according to Goldenness, that you should listen to to miss them less!

Thank You & All Day (from Goldenness, 2018 & Miracle, 2018)

I’m pretty sure ALL Goldenness will bawl their eyes out once they listen to these two songs.

Golden Child performed these songs as a medley at their first concert and it made everyone so emotional. These songs are surely Goldenness’ go-to songs whenever they miss Golden Child.

Compass (from Re-boot, 2019)

Coming from their 1st studio album “Re-boot”, Compass is a song of comfort and hope.

This song became a Goldenness favorite as it gives a hopeful message to those who feel alone. It’s as if Golden Child is singing to Goldenness, telling them (Goldenness) that it will be okay.

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3!6!5! (from Aura, 2022)

Most Goldenness will tell you that this song reminds them of when they saw Golden Child at a concert. I can vouch for this for Filipino Goldenness!

3!6!5! is such a fun song that came from their 2022 album “Aura“. This song will totally lift up your mood and make you dance as if you’re at a party!

Milky Way (from Yes., 2021)

Another song that will make Goldenness cry is Milky Way from their 5th mini album “YES”.

During their 2nd concert in 2022, this song was a part of their setlist. They sang this right after Daeyeol announced his enlistment and everyone, Golden Child and Goldenness, cried. It was a memorable song because it will remind you of that bittersweet memory of that day.

Burn It (from Yes., 2021)

The record-breaking Burn It is of course on this list.

Released in 2021 as a title track of their album “YES“, Burn It is a song with lots of memories between Golden Child and Goldenness. I totally listen to this song whenever I miss Golden Child as it brings me back to that wonderful era of success and achievements. Burn It is really one of their top-tier songs. Goosebumps all over me.

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I Know (from Game Changer, 2021)

Another heartwarming song by Golden Child, I Know is a comforting song that tells you that you are not alone, you are loved, and you are special to someone.

LADY (from Miracle, 2018)

LADY is a heartbreaking ballad from their 2018 album “Miracle”. A song about longing for someone and not being loved back.

This is also one of my personal favorites as it really highlights their beautiful voices. This song also has a beautiful choreography.

I guess when Goldenness feels a bit mellow, they love listening to this song!

OASIS (from Ddara, 2021)

Another Golden Child that you should listen to if you miss them! Oasis was a part of their second repackaged album in 2021. This song is heartwarming and comforting and it’s something you’d want to listen to on a bad day or when you miss Golden Child!

Purpose (from Aura, 2022)

This song is Goldenness’ pride!

Golden Child member TAG composed this song as a part of their 2022 album “Aura”.

Purpose is also a song of hope and comfort. One of my favorite lyrics from this song is:

Everyday, I’m always by your side. Don’t worry, еverything gonna be fine

The lyrics that TAG wrote are heartwarming and knowing that this song exists is a beautiful thought. I personally get emotional whenever I hear this as it feels like they are singing to me.

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Knocking On My Door (from Aura, 2022)

One of my personal favorites is Golden Child’s Knocking On My Door, which was a part of their 2022 album “Aura”. This love song is about confessing your feelings to someone you love.

This song makes me miss Golden Child because when they performed here in 2022 during I-POP U in Manila, this song was a part of their setlist. They sang this song with much adoration for every Goldenness that came that night.

Whenever I listen to this song, it gives me butterflies in my stomach.

Weekends (from Invisible Crayon, 2023)

The only Japanese song on this list is Weekends, which was a part of their 2023 Japanese album “Crayon”.

Weekends is a song about missing someone and reminiscing your time together. Which is probably why Goldenness listen to this whenever they miss Golden Child!

How about you? Which Golden Child song is your go-to whenever you miss them? Share it with us in the comments below!

Since we asked some of Goldenness’ opinions on this, here are their answers!

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