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I-POP U 2022 MANILA: A night to remember with Alice, Xdinary Heroes, Golden Child, WayV, and NCT Dream

October 21, 2022, was a memorable day for NCTzens, Goldenness, Villains, and BLRIS as their favorite groups visited the Philippines for a one-night-only concert!

Even though there was rain that day, it did not stop the fans from meeting up with their fellow fans, visiting cafes, taking pictures with the posters and ads that the fanbase put up for the groups, and of course, enjoying the concert!

The Big Dome was filled with fans of the groups with their official lightsticks lit and endless cheers for all their favorite groups performing that night.

As you enter the venue, the fans get hyped as they wait for the show to start. And once the show started, the entire venue was filled with shouts and cheers.

The show was hosted by VJ Ai Dela Cruz. She welcomed the audience happily and made them even more excited before each artist comes on the stage.

VJ Ai even asked the audience to do the crowd wave with their colorful lightsticks! It was a beautiful sight to see!


The first to perform was the girl group, Alice. They were a surprise lineup to the concert and were the only girl group to perform that night!

Alice opened the stage with their 2018 song “Summer Dream”. It was a very refreshing opening stage that made the audience even more excited!

After their opening song, Alice greeted their fans! Even though their appearance was only announced the day of the concert, fans were still excited and happy about their addition to the line-up!

Then, they performed two more songs titled “This Is Me” and “Jackpot”.

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This was not Alice’s first time in the Philippines. They were even here last May for another concert and it’s safe to say that Alice is familiar with the Philippine crowd! It was a short but sweet performance by the only girl group in this concert, Alice! It’s always a great time with Alice!

Xdinary Heroes

Villains were very much excited to see Xdinary Heroes as it’s their first time performing here in the Philippines!

Being the only rock band in the line-up, Xdinary Heroes was ready to rock the stage that night with their powerful voices and instruments!

Xdinary Heroes opened their set with the songs “Test Me” and “Sucker Punch”. Everyone was singing their hearts out and cheering for Xdinary Heroes as they perform their first two songs.

Xdinary Heroes went ahead and greeted their Filipino Villains with a happy smiles. They also sang “Pirates”, “Knock Down”, “Strawberry Cake”, and “Happy Death Day”.

The rock band also performed their fellow labelmate’s, Day6, song “Zombie”. Everyone was singing along when they performed a cover of “Zombie”! It turns out there were plenty of My Days in the crowd!

Toward the end of their performance, you can see the members being teary-eyed. You can see that they enjoyed their very first performance in the Philippines! Everyone was impressed with their powerful voices as well! Hitting those high notes while playing their instruments!

In case you missed it, Xdinary Heroes will be coming back with a brand new album this November 4!

Villains had so much fun with Xdinary Heroes! We hope to see you again soon!

Golden Child

5 years after their debut, Golden Child finally visited the Philippines to meet their Filipino Goldenness!

Golden Child’s first Philippine stage became a memorable one and you’re about to know why!

Golden Child burned the stage with a performance of their 2021 song “Burn It”. Then, it was followed by “Ra Pam Pam”.

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After two songs, Golden Child greeted their fans who have waited for them for so long!

Golden Child went on to sing their latest song “Knocking On My Door” and serenaded Goldenness. The members kept looking to their left side of the stage as they saw Goldenness with the aurora borealis lights gathered on one side from the VIP seated section to general admission.

The fanbase organized an unofficial block seating and successfully gathered pretty much all Goldenness and sat together for the concert. Luckily, the members immediately saw their Runebongs (Golden Child’s official lightstick) and glued their eyes on that side for the entire duration of the show. It was a very sweet and heartwarming moment between Golden Child and Goldenness!

Fun fact about their lightstick: it can be changed into different colors! Goldenness supported the other groups performing by changing their lightsticks into red for Xdinary Heroes and green for WayV and NCT Dream!

Golden Child moved to the extended stage and performed their song “3!6!5!” and “Bottom Of The Ocean” while interacting with fans! Lucky fans were able to give their phones to the members to record themselves while singing their songs! Golden Child’s top-tier fan service!

Check these tweets from a lucky Goldenness!

Golden Child ended their stage with two more songs “Breathe” and their latest song “Replay”.

Despite missing two members, Golden Child gave their all for their Filipino fans. They showed live vocals and over-the-top dance performances! They were very thankful for the support their fans have given them all these years and promised to come back to the Philippines for a solo concert!

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We will be waiting for your return Golden Child!

VJ Ai also shared a photo she took with Golden Child! Read their photo op story here:


Even with 2 members not being able to attend the concert, the rest of WayV still greeted their WayZenNis!

Kun, Xiaojun Hendery, and Yangyang were excited to meet their fans for the first time! It’s the group’s first time here in the Philippines and you can see that they are very happy to be here for their fans!

WayV played games with their WayZenNis! They went on to answer quizzes about Filipino food and anything about the Philippines! Even without not having to perform as a group, WayV still had fun playing with their dear fans!

WayV are such sweet boys that they even gave roses to their fans! Lucky fans received roses from Kun, Xioajun, Hendery, and Yangyang! It’s such a shame that they can’t give roses to everyone at The Big Dome but these memories will surely be treasured between WayV and their dearest fans!

But wait! There’s more! Kun and Xiaojun sang “Back To You” for their fans! It was a sweet song and the perfect way to end their I-POP U stage!

We will be waiting for your return to the Philippines together with Ten and Winwin!

NCT Dream

The last artist in the line-up was NCT Dream! I-POP U Manila marks their third time performing here in the Philippines and NCTzens were more excited than ever!

NCT Dream started off with a powerful performance of their songs “Beatbox” and “Hot Sauce”. NCTzens were excited to see them once again! You can hear how loud screams were coming from NCTzens!

Then, NCT Dream greeted their fans 5 months after their last visit here. They were excited to meet Filipino NCTzens for the second time this year! NCTzens are so spoiled and loved by NCT Dream!

NCT Dream also performed “Dive Into You”, “Hello Future” and “Glitch Mode”. They successfully ended I-POP U with their powerful and lively performance that made the entire Smart Araneta scream! That is the power of NCT Dream!

Each NCTzen were very happy to see them and you can see the entire venue filled with green lights, their official fandom color!

We will wait for your next concert here in the Philippines soon!

Were you there at the I-POP U 2022 Manila? Share your concert experience with us in the comments below!

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