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11 Golden Child b-side tracks that you should listen to now

Golden Child is a 10-member boy group from Woollim Entertainment that debuted on August 28, 2017.

L-R: Donghyun, Jangjun, TAG, Y, Jaehyun, Bomin, Seungmin, Joochan, Jibeom, Daeyeol

They are popularly known for their bright song concepts ever since their debut and in 2019, they started to explore dark concepts with their 1st full album Re-boot.

With them doing both bright and dark concepts, this just proves that Golden Child is a versatile idol group.

Their discography is one of a kind and if you’re only just familiar with their title tracks, let me give you a list of their b-side tracks that you should listen to now!

  1. I Love You So

A song from their debut album GOL-CHA!, I Love You So has very swoon-worthy lyrics that would be a good song to confess to your crush!

During their first concert FUTURE AND PAST, Golden Child sang this song with a very cute screen background, and at the end, they gave away hot packs to all the Goldenness!

They are the cutest ever!


Even with being a b-side track, Golden Child released a music video of their song LADY.

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LADY is a part of their 2nd mini-album Miracle.

A song about one-sided love, the music video showed the members’ sad emotions as well. Even the choreography of this song is one to commend too.

Personally, this is one of my favorite Golden Child tracks.

3. All Day/Thank You

I just cannot separate these two songs so I would put them in one number.

All Day is from their 2nd mini-album and Thank You is from their 1st single album.

These two songs have so many emotions in them and during their concert, they sang these songs together. A really emotional performance for Goldenness!

4. I See U

Coming from their 3rd mini-album WISH, I See U is a very bop song with very precise dance choreography.

This is one of my favorite choreography of them. They are very synchronized!

5. OMG

Don’t they look cute wearing basketball uniforms?

OMG is a song from their 4th mini-album. They also promoted OMG next to their album’s title track, One (Lucid Dream).

6. Pass Me By

Also from their 4th mini-album, Pass Me By is also a song about heartbreak and loving someone from afar.

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In my opinion, this song has so many emotions and whenever I listen to it, I feel like crying.

Golden Child’s vocal line (Daeyeol, Y, Seungmin, Jibeom, and Joochan) performed this at it’s KPOP Live last year.

In this live performance, you hear their beautiful and sincere voices!

7. That Guy

That Guy is also one of their songs that tells the story of being in heartbreak.

Coming from their 2nd single album, they performed this song live during their practice room concert last Valentine’s Day.

Similar to Pass Me By, you can feel their emotions while they sing.

8. Breathe

Doesn’t this sound like a theme song from an anime?

Another song from their 5th mini-album, Golden Child surprised Goldenness with a music video for their song Breathe! They also promoted this song after Burn It.

If you’ve noticed, Golden Child is wearing volleyball uniforms which makes it the third time they used a sports concept in their songs.

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9. Spring Again

Spring Again is a song that was released after their long hiatus. It is Golden Child‘s gift to Goldenness after waiting for so long!

This is also their first season song and this music video is refreshing to the eyes!

10. Don’t Run Away

Also coming from their 1st full album, Don’t Run Away is a very upbeat song with a well-executed choreography.

I love how the members enter the stage by group and then danced all together.

11. Fanfare

Fanfare is a b-side track from their 2nd full album and promoted along with Ra Pam Pam.

This song shows a very slick dance choreography and shows a very handsome Golden Child in suits.

In all honesty, it’s pretty hard to pick just 11 songs from Golden Child. Their entire discography is award-winning and they have the best tracks every single time. Even their album intros are really good!

How about you? What are your most recommended Golden Child songs? Share it with us in the comments below!

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  1. Correction to be made, OMG is from 4th mini album also their tittle track ‘ONE (Lucid Dream)’.

    The album’s name as Take A Leap which conclude their trilogy tracks

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