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GOLDEN CHILD’s Son Youngtaek: ReTAGging his passion in music

A group of idols has a rapper position, be it one or two. And these rapper/s just made their music extra special and diverse. We couldn’t also deny that we even fall to rappers with their fierce and cool outlook when performing. The face and personality are also on another level!

Among the lines and popularity of rappers in the Korean entertainment industry, Golden Child has rappers that are not just talented but raps with true passion and are truly extra in their own way. One of them is the ever-so-bubbly Son Youngtaek who is popularly known by his stage name TAG. You might find him appealing because of his good fashion sense and boyfriend vibes, but just wait to hear his voice and even his personality.

With that, let us get to know TAG and fall deeper:

He is an Aries!

TAG was born on April 13, 1998, in Gyeongi-do, Hwaseong, South Korea. Obviously, he is an Aries which explains him being so determined in things, particularly in doing and being better. He is also courageous and passionate. Aside from that, his MBTI is INTP. Youngtaek is also not your ordinary guy for he studied abroad and fluent in Japanese and English.

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He is a true person.

TAG is really one of the genuine idols ever existed in the industry. You can see in his photos his charisma and appeal that can stop and make us look even more. But, he is also not afraid to show his true self where he laughs with a wide mouth and his hands clapping. He also jokes around and moves like a playful child. He loves his members and treats them as his real brothers as they share a lot of similarities and difference in life. Who couldn’t forget his iconic line in 2018 KCON LA while addressing to fans, ‘We will do everything in our power to make sure Golden Child for… Sorry man, Jaehyun?‘ Ness and Golden Child will never forget this! You can watch it starts at 5:18 in the video above!

Actually, the one you see on stage is TAG while outside that platform would be the playful and hyper Youngtaek, you must know the difference now!

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His career as an idol and a rapper

Before debuting in Golden Child in 2017, TAG debuted firsts in Key-East’s former group, I.D. in 2013 and it disbanded soon after. Now, he is taking the rapper position in Golden Child along with Jangjun and they released a song together titled Drought when they were featured on Woollim Entertainment’s pre-debut project, W Project. TAG is very serious when it comes to rapping as he writes his own raps and showcased his rapping skills. You will surely fall in love with his voice, even rapping in a soft and mellow song. Listen to Under the Sky of Suncheon sung by GOLDEN CHILD’s TAG and Joochan and LOVELYZ’s Babysoul and Sujeong. TAG is harmonizing from the start and commence his line in 2:40.

His various hobbies

Of course, aside from rapping, TAG has various hobbies. As mentioned earlier, he is a songwriter. He loves to write and compose songs and raps. It is also given that he is a great dancer and loves dancing both street dancing and modern dance which proves his flexibility. Well, he is the most flexible member of the group. He also knows how to sing and play instruments. Remembering one time when he practiced playing kalimba during his live with so much determination.

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His undeniably beautiful voice

When he starts singing, you will know how sincere and dedicated he is to have this as his gift of life. He sings from the heart and poured his soul into writing songs and raps. He sings also in his VLives that made the fans, Goldenness, fall for him deeper.

His fashion sense draws boyfriend vibes

Last on this list but definitely not the last of his qualities because Son Youngtaek has so many lovely traits, is his fashion sense. In their concept photos and stage outfits, particularly the dark concepts, he definitely nailed it as he owns this concept. But, away from the stage, he screams boyfriend vibes because of his daily fashion and photo concepts! Of course his love for wearing hats will never be forgotten.

Watch and listen to GAME by TAG and Jibeom:

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