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4 swoon-worthy things Golden Child did for Goldenness

Being a Goldenness is the best gift I have ever received. I’m lucky enough to be a part of this fandom and be called a fan of the most genuine idol group ever.

Today, Golden Child is celebrating its 4th debut anniversary! I’ve witnessed so many things in my fangirl journey and let me share here with you 4 (1 for each year!) heartfelt moments between Golden Child and Goldenness!

  1. Their random messages

Golden Child is part of the idol messaging platform called Pocketdols wherein their fans can send them messages and the idol can send messages too.

Golden Child regularly sends messages there: greeting Goldenness for the day, sending the food they ate, anything about the weather, their selfies, or anything under the sun!

During the time they placed #1 on Genie, the members sent multiple messages to Goldenness sharing their happiness and excitement.

They even reply to the messages from Ness and it’s always so funny and cute!

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Even with their busy schedule, they make time to talk with Goldenness.

Not only in Pocketdols but also on their Twitter account and VLIVE page. We even received letters from them for the past weeks.

These boys are such precious people and they never forget to update Goldenness with their day-to-day life.

And don’t forget in 2019, they replied #우리도_보고싶어_사랑해 (Us too, Miss you, Love you)! to Goldenness’ hashtag trend  #골든차일드_보고싶어_사랑해 (Golden Child, Miss you, Love You)!

2. It’s Golden Child and Goldenness forever

What I like about the most in this fandom is how Golden Child never fails to recognize Goldenness.

During their wins, they would always thank Goldenness and say that this will not happen without them.

These precious boys never fail to recognize Goldenness and what’s Golden Child achievement is also Goldenness’ achievement.

Remember how Y has a custom-made necklace with the word “Nness” engraved on it?

The bond between Golden Child and Goldenness is the best kind of relationship wherein no one gets left behind and there’s nothing but love and admiration of an idol and a fan.

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Graphics by NotesForNess and translation by without_yun

3. Their random VLIVEs

Idols who do mini-concerts on their VLIVEs? Golden Child will do that for you!

Idols who will eat with you? Golden Child will do that for you too!

Idols who wake up early on a Monday just to greet Goldenness who are on their way to work or school? That’s Golden Child too!

And on their VLIVEs, here’s where they tell their random stories when they were kids, trainees, or just anything that comes to mind! Previously, we even witnessed a live audio fight between two members who wrestled each other!

Their VLIVEs are another way to communicate with Goldenness so they make sure they have a good time every time they do it!

4. Their encouraging words

Golden Child is full of wisdom and encouraging words which truly helped Goldenness every single day.

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Recently, TAG did his VLIVE and say nothing but encouraging and inspiring words to all Goldenness. Here’s one of the many things he said:

There’s still a lot on my list but here are a few things I can share for you to know how precious these boys are.

Being in this industry isn’t easy, but Golden Child proves that as long as you’re humble and passionate, you will beat the odds.

Happy 4th debut anniversary Golden Child! Thank you for giving us a wonderful 4 years and we can’t wait to celebrate more years together! Goldenness is always here for you all! 💛

All images are courtesy of @GoldenChild & @Hi_Goldenness

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