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Get to know Golden Child + 10 reasons why you should stan them

A lot of us here are fans of such groups who we love and support so much. 

In my case, I met Golden Child in the later year of 2020 and I can truly say that they completely changed my life.

I’ve been a K-pop fan since 2009 and I never thought I would fall so hard for another group. But Golden Child came into my life at the right place and at the right time and there’s not a day that I regret being their fan.

Just in case you haven’t heard of Golden Child, please allow me to introduce them to you the way I fell in love with them. And if you ever decide to stan them, I promise that you will not regret it!

So without further ado, let’s get to know Woollim Entertainment’s Golden Child!

Get to know Golden Child

Golden Child is a 10 member boy group who debuted on August 28, 2017. The group consists of Daeyeol (leader, lead vocalist), Y (main vocalist), Jangjun (main rapper, vocalist), Tag (main rapper, vocalist), Seungmin (lead vocalist), Jaehyun (vocalist, visual), Jibeom (lead vocalist, visual), Donghyun (main dancer, vocalist), Joochan (main vocalist), and Bomin (lead dancer, vocalist, visual, the face of the group).

L-R: Donghyun, Seungmin, Daeyeol, Y, Bomin, Jaehyun, Jangjun, Tag, Joochan, Jibeom

Originally, they are an 11 member group, but in 2018, Jaeseok left the group due to health reasons.

Since 2017, Golden Child has released 1 full album, 1 repackage album, 5 mini-albums, and 2 single albums.

Not only did they release their own songs, but also sang 3 drama soundtracks since 2017.

Why you should stan Golden Child

Their music

This is the main reason why I fell in love with them.

In October of last year, I listened to their song Pump It Up. I liked how it sounds so I went on and listened to their debut song titled Damdadi. And from then on, I found myself listening to more of their songs, and later on, I was hooked!

Their songs have these certain vibes that will put you in a good mood right away or make you feel things.  

Their bright songs are a total bop that will make you wanna dance as soon as you hear it.

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Recently, they came back with their 5th mini-album YES and title song Burn It.

Overall, their discography is a masterpiece and there’s not a song that you wouldn’t like.

They fit any kind of concept

Bright or dark concept? Yes, Golden Child can pull them off!

They debuted with a bright concept in their debut album Gol-cha! and everybody loved it. They were known to do bright concepts all these years but in 2019 they did their trilogy album starting with Re-boot and ended with Take A Leap. They slayed these dark concepts and showed their more mature side and everybody still loved it!

With the conclusion of Take A Leap, they came back with yet another bright concept with Pump It Up. And recently, back with the dark concept with YES. Golden Child truly can do all kinds of concepts!

They have amazing live vocals

You think studio versions of their songs are amazing? Wait until you hear them sing live!

Even during their stage performances, you can clearly hear their stable voices!

Remember during their online practice room concert when the music stopped and they sang while they were dancing? Yes, we love live child!

Here’s another video of a live performance of their song Pass Me By.

They are in sync

One thing that mesmerizes me is how they dance in sync every single time.

Whenever I see them perform, I can see their every step in sync. Even the sounds of their shoes are in sync!

Here are a few of my favorite dance practice videos:

They are variety and comedy kings

Golden Child has made me laugh all these months and that’s one of the reasons why I love them.

I have a long list of their funniest videos but for starters, I would give them this mafia game and Halloween special videos.

They are a bunch of funny people who are not afraid to make fun of themselves as long as they are happy and they make people happy.

Their variety shows guestings are total chaos as well so make sure to check them out. Be ready to laugh a lot!

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Even the latest season of Gol-cha’s Holiday is a total circus!

They are the jack of all trades

Idols who can sing, dance, play instruments, host, act, good at sports? Golden Child can do it all!

Golden Child has actually 10 singers and 10 dancers. I may be biased but even their main rappers and main dancers can sing so well! Their main vocals can dance so well! Golden Child are a bunch of flexible people who can do anything.

Main vocalist Y
Main dancer Donghyun

They’re also extremely good at sports and they even showed it at ISAC wherein they won so many medals!

Golden Child as actors were also shown in many of their contents. For their second mini-album Miracle, they released a movie titled “Golden Movie”.

In 2019, they also released their sitcom titled “Crazy Petty Housemates”.

And in case you’re wondering, their maknae Choi Bomin has acted in a few dramas and his latest drama was 18 Again.

Truly a bunch of talented people! 

They are the visual kings

Have you seen their concept photos? Their magazine shoots? All 10 of them are incredibly handsome!

Even their music videos are flexing their handsome faces and I can’t help but scream when they all come out (especially when my bias, Sungyoon, appears)! Visuals overload!

They love to spoil Goldenness so much

Golden Child never fails to express their love and gratitude for Goldenness. They often go live on VLIVE and spend hours talking with Goldenness. Their daily messages on Pocketdols and even the long messages they sent there are the sweetest. They regularly update their Twitter account as well. What’s more to ask? Goldenness is so spoiled and we love it so much!

Remember last May 4th when Sungyoon shared on the radio that it’s Goldenness’ birthday anniversary and they even sang for us? That is the sweetest thing ever! 

Also, when Youngtaek said that Goldenness are pretty? That really melted my heart!

Lastly, when they were on hiatus in 2019, Goldenness started a hashtag trend #골든차일드_보고싶어_사랑해 (Golden Child, Miss you, Love You) and our precious boys replied to the hashtag with their selcas and their own hashtag trend #우리도_보고싶어_사랑해 (Us too, Miss you, Love you)!

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If this isn’t the sweetest thing, I don’t know what is.

Golden Child never forget Goldenness and it makes us truly special.

They have the purest hearts and down-to-earth

As a Goldenness, I can totally vouch for Golden Child’s kindness. They are the sweetest towards each other and never fail to make each other feel good. They support each other all the time.

Remember when they won the first time for Burn It? They just played on stage! And on their second win, they were crying happy tears (of course I was crying for them) and I knew right there and then that I am supporting the right group. They are so genuine and nice to everyone around them. They deserve all the awards and happiness in the world! They are Goldenness’ pride and joy!

Golden Child are also respectful towards their seniors in the industry and also all those who helped them along the way.

They are just normal people like us

Lastly, I love how they stay grounded all these years. Yes, they are famous people but they never forget where they started. They treat their fans as their friends. I love how open they are to Goldenness and they can talk about pretty much anything.

Most of the time on their VLIVEs, they talk about stuff that we also experience, songs that we also listen to. You can’t help but feel connected with them because we basically experience the same things.

I can list a hundred reasons if I could. But here are just a few of the reasons why I fell in love with them in the first place so I hope you would all fall in love with them too (in case you haven’t stanned them yet)! They bring so much happiness into my life and I hope you find happiness in them too!

All images are courtesy of Golden Child

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  1. Hi! First of all, thank you so much for writing this article of Golden Child. Without knowing it, I smiled, laughed, and shed a tear of joy while reading your article. As a fan of Golden Child ever since predebut, there are times where I forgot how Golden Child made me feel so alive in those days that they were actively promoting and this article gave me back those fleeting feelings. It’s like walking down memory lane to be honest.

    I was never a fan of KPop before and I can’t believe that I am at this point where I am trying to collect all of their albums because just as you have written in your article, they gave so much joy to us, Goldenness, and we are very lucky because we stan them. I don’t know if it’s just me? or us? since we are their fans but I will always take your words that you have stanned them at the perfect time in the later year of 2020 so anyone who might want to stan them now is never late. And no matter how later they might give their interest to Golden Child, our boys’ charm will always attract them just as they did to you. 🙂 Thank you again~

    1. Thank you for your beautiful words!!! Let’s be with them forever! And yes, it’s never too late ❤️❤️

  2. That hashtag party in 2019 was so memorable to me personally. It was like a wakeup call for me to enjoy my life to the fullest again. I started stanning them during Let Me era through a friend but literally almost forgot about self-enjoyment and kpop throughout the year as I was too busy with works. I was drown to my busy life and barely (or never) had any time for myself for a while but the event called my fun life back! and I actually (well) cried re-listening to their songs especially when Spring Again was released. I could say that was quite a turning point of past depressed routine but now I’m living my life, still vibing to their musics despite my entire busy schedule. They bring chaos and happiness to me and I love them so much. All I can say is even if you arent or don’t stan them yet, you will keep looking for their music and enjoy them so much as a casual listener. It’s a good thing to be honest, and you will never regret it!

    Golden Child is THAT kind of people guys! <3

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