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WATCH: Golden Child releases self-made music videos!

Last August 25, Golden Child came back with their 2nd full album titled “Game Changer”.

Their brand new album has 11 tracks including the intro song, 5 groups songs, and 5 unit and solo songs.

Additionally, t was announced last August 8 that Golden Child will be making and directing their own music videos for their unit songs. You can watch the trailer below:

Starting from August 10, 8 episodes of the MV making were released. The budget, time allocation, and cameras to be used will all be determined through a game. 

The camera choices were a cinematic camera, mirrorless camera, camcorder, action camera, and a smartphone.

The time allocation for the filming was 10 hours, 6 hours, 4 hours, 3 hours, and 2 hours.

The budget for each team is 10,000,000 won, 5,000,000 won, 3,000,000 won, 2,000,000 won, and, 1,000,000 won.

Through the MV making episodes, you can see how hard the members worked for them to create their own music videos.

Not only that they have to make their own music videos but they also have to compete for 1st place.

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Starting last Monday, September 6, music videos were released each night at 10 PM KST.

So without further ado, here are the self-made music videos of Golden Child:

Singing In The Rain (Joochan & Bomin)

The “Rain” team won a cinematic camera, 6 hours of filming, and 10,000,000 won for their budget. Basically, they are the most equipped out of all the groups.

They even hired a female lead for their music video which matches the storyline they wanted to convey.

The song “Singing In The Rain” is a melo song and their music video showed a love triangle between friends.

Poppin’ (Y & Jangjun)

According to Y & Jangjun, they want their music video to be free and fun since their song “Poppin’” is a song full of hope for someone on a journey to find oneself.

With their action camera, 2 hours filming time, and 1,000,000 won, team Poppin’ is on a very tight budget so they used Woollim Entertainment’s office for their shoot.

But even with their low budget, their music video appeared to be a very fun one!

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Their music video’s concept is about an office worker (Y) who is having a problem with his boss (Jangjun).

Their music video won 3rd place.

That Feeling (Seungmin & Jaehyun & Donghyun)

The “Vincenzo” team, as they called themselves, won a smartphone for their shoot, 10 hours of filming time, and 2,000,000 won for their budget.

They went to shoot at the beach and they even rented a car for them to drive.

Their music video has a concept of different social media applications such as Instagram and Youtube.

Even with their tight budget and low-quality camera, their music video came out as refreshing and really cute!

Their music video won 2nd place.

Out The Window (Daeyeol)

Daeyeol’s “Out The Window” is the only solo song in the album.

Daeyeol’s music video used a camcorder, 3 hours to film, and 5,000,000 won for the budget.

What’s even more exciting is that Daeyeol rented a Rolls Royce car for his shoot. He really looked so good in that car!

“Out The Window” music video is a series of clips wherein the male lead (Daeyeol) is reminiscing his memories with his ex-lover.

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Game (TAG & Jibeom)

The music video for “Game” was filmed with a mirrorless camera, 4 hours to film, and a budget of 3,000,000 won.

The music video showed a casino concept wherein the two leads are playing against each other.

One comment they received is that their visual look is on the next level! Truly their visuals are overflowing in the music video.

Also, this music video showed a mature side of Golden Child.

Their music video won 1st place.

The music videos of the 5 groups are all excellent and you can really see that they worked so hard for it. They all have different concepts and it’s hard to pick a favorite because they all deserve recognition!

This music video project is a good opportunity for Golden Child to unleash their creativity!

Goldenness! What do you like about each music video? Share it with us in the comments below!

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