7 Reasons why “Dali and Cocky Prince” is worth watching!

Aside from So I Married the Anti-Fan and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, here’s additional rom-com drama series you should add to your must-watch list!

Dali and Cocky Prince depicts the comical and romantic relationship between a man who is a money lover and a woman who came from a prestigious family. Here are 7 reasons why this drama is worth watching!

1. Visual Aesthetic

The visual aesthetic of this drama is captivating. Since the drama mainly takes place in an art museum particularly in Cheong-song Art Museum, there are so many visual elements will surely satisfy your sense. The artistic concept photos are undoubtedly beautiful as well. If you are an artistic person then this drama is perfect for you!

2. Kim Min Jae is the male lead

Brace yourselves as Kim Min Jae will lift your mood with his lovable character here as Jin Moo Hak, a parvenu who gradually falls in love with a wealthy elite, Kim Da Li.

Aside from being a multi-talented artist, Kim Min Jae will never let you disappoint with his acting skill. he has already starred in numerous hit drama series, watch this drama for you to see the other side of Kim Min Jae’s acting skills. For sure, you’ll gonna love his amusing side here.

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3. Park Gyu Young is the female lead

Following Park Gyu Young’s appearance in The Devil Judge alongside Jisung and Park Jin Young, She is now ready again to captivate us with her role here as Kim Da Li, the only child of a prestigious family who eventually becomes the director of Cheong-song Art Museum due to the sudden death of her father.

Her character teaches many lessons; being wise in choosing over what you need and what you want and being strong in times of difficulties in life. The switch from being rich to being penniless, tells us that nothing is permanent in life, you’ll never know what lies ahead so, take courage and go with the mysterious flow of life. Park Gyu Young’s acting is superb!

4. Chemistry of the Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young

Another Kilig feels! Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young have that kind of spark bes! They have that unexpected overflowing chemistry as Da li and Moo Hak. Witness how Kim Da Li and Jin Moo Hak grow closer to each other despite their differences.

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5. Familiar Faces

Hwang Bo Ra as Yeo Mi Ri

Hwang Bo Ra acts as Moo Hak’s Secretary, the drama is more amusing and lively because of her role here.

She is known for her amusing roles in the dramas, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and Zombie Detective.

Hwang Hee as Joo Won Tak

He has an admirable role here as he plays the brave and charismatic detective named Won Tak from violent crime squad. you might ship him to Da Li as well because he is so good to her.

Arthdal Chronicles, Doctor John, and Tale of the Nine-tailed were some of the dramas he starred in.

Kwon Yul as Jang Tae Jin

He is the head of Century Group’s planning and coordination team. Among those characters in this drama, he is the most odd one. I think, he is connected to the sudden death of Da Li’s father, I don’t know but let’s find it out in the following episodes.

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Kwon Yul is also remarkable with his roles in the dramas Lie to Me and Let’s Fight Ghost.

Yeonwoo as Ahn Chak Hee

A gallerist who has a crush on Moo Hak. Yeonwoo is well known for being one of the members of the Korean Girl Group Momoland. She already starred in the dramas Alice and Cheat On Me If You Can.

6. Clothing Styles ideas

Looking for Clothing Ideas? Worry no more because here’s Moo Hak and Da Li to help you. be it a Vintage look or for Corporate attire look.

7. Knowledge in the Field of Arts

As I have mentioned before, the drama mainly takes place in the art museum so the drama introduces some beautiful “never before heard” pieces and painters. Aside from the captivating scenery of the artworks, it can satisfy as well your intellectual needs in the field of arts.

What are you waiting for? this is the perfect time to start watching it na bes and I assure you that this drama is indeed worth watching!

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