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7 interesting facts about actor and GOT7’s Park Jinyoung!

Have you been watching the new tvN drama “The Devil Judge“? If yes, you probably noticed the associate judge with breathtaking visual, Kim Gaon, played by Park Jinyoung.

Photo from his personal instagram account. You may follow him @ jinyoung_0922jy

 Born on September 22, 1994, a Virgo, Jinyoung is widely known as part of the global and talented South Korean boy group Got7. He already starred in various dramas like Dream High 2, When a Man Falls in Love, My Love Eundong, Legend of the Blue Sea, He is Psychometric, and When My Love Blooms. He is now signed with BH Entertainment.

Jinyoung doing his favorite habit of running his hand through his hair. ( Clip from his drama “When My Love Blooms”)

Let us get to know him more as we list down some interesting facts about him!

1. Debuted as an actor in 2012

He is known to many as member of Got7, but did you know that he debuted as an actor in Dream High 2 alongside with fellow Got7 member Jay B? This drama was aired in January 2012. 

Jinyoung auditioned with JYP Entertainment in 2009. He won the open audition and tied with Jay B to over 10,000 applicants. On May 2012, they were announced as a duo named JJ Project with their single Bounce. Fast forward to January 2014, the two debuted again with Mark Tuan, Jackson Wang, Choi Youngjae, Bambam and Kim Yugyeom, known as Got7. 

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Here is Jinyoung with other casts of Dream High 2 singing one the drama’s official soundtrack.

2. He dreamed of becoming a pre-school teacher

I bet you also like guys who are good with kids? Well, Jinyoung is one them. He shared in a video uploaded by Dingo in 2017 that he dreamed of becoming a pre-school teacher. He said that he likes reading books to kids.

You may watch the clip on the link below:

3. He’s a total grandpa

He is probably the cutest grandpa out there! 😂

Ahgases (Got7’s fandom name) used to label him grandpa due to his jokes (most of the time lame ones) and random dances he did during concerts, music shows, fan signs or when he just got drunk.

Check out this video compilation to see how adorable Jinyoung is!

4. An amazing composer

Aside from his singing, dancing and acting skills, he is also an amazing composer. He wrote some of Got7 tracks like Thank You, To. Star, The End, I Am Me,  Love You Better, Wave, and Encore. When JJ Project had a comeback in 2017, he also made some songs for the album like Coming Home, The Day, and co-wrote their title track Tomorrow, Today with Jay B.

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Here is Encore that was released in February 2021 after their departure with JYP Entertainment. This is also their assurance to fans that no matter what happen, they will always be together.

5. He speaks English and Japanese

Jinyoung learned these languages to be able to easily communicate with his fans. He is fluent in Japanese and is good at speaking English. He also said that one of his way to improve his vocabulary is by reading books.

Watch below how Jinyoung  confidently speaking in English on one of Got7’s interview.

6. He loves taking pictures using his film camera

Aside from capturing beautiful sceneries, he also loves taking pictures of his members. He would always bring his film camera whenever they are on tour.

When JJ Project released their comeback album in 2017, he and Jay B had a photo exhibition. These photos were also included in the photo essay book on their Tomorrow, Today album.

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Take a look at some of the film photos that he uploaded on his personal instagram account.

7. He is the mother of Got7

He might act savage most of the time, but he is caring, sweet, loving, and always looking out for his members. 

Here is a compilation of how Jinyoung takes good care of his members. 🥺 (Lord, final na po ba iisa lang sya?)

Hope these facts help you to get to know Jinyoung more. His drama “The Devil Judge” is now streaming every Saturday and Sunday. Let us keep on supporting him on his future projects!

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