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5 Reasons why you should watch “Alice” starring Joo Won and Kim Hee Seon

Written by Mawi Banalo

Photo courtesy of SBS

Calling the attention of all Korean drama fans especially those who love watching science fiction dramas! This article is for all of you, mga bes.

This drama is all about time travel through Alice, starring Joo Won as Park Jin Gyeom, an emotionless detective who tries to unfold the mysterious death of his mother. As well as Kim Hee Seon who plays the role of Yoon Tae Yi, a genius physicist.

It will tell the story of how Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom are trying to untangle the secret of time travel together. There was a rumor on prophecy being disseminated saying that the time traveler will soon be out in the history.

Let us make it short and let me give you five reasons why you should not miss this drama!

1. Visual aesthetic

We cannot deny the fact that Alice‘s visual aesthetic is superb! Watching this can really satisfy our senses.

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Personally, as a viewer and as a fan of K-dramas, this is one of the category I consider in picking what to watch; and Alice did not fails me in this matter.

2. Joo Won as the lead actor

We all know that Joo Won is one of the best and versatile actors there is. He is best known for his role in The Good Doctor, Yong Pal, and My Sassy Girl. Then, Alice is his first drama to take after completing his military service.

We really miss him, bes! So, for K-drama fans especially Joo Won stans, who patiently waited for his drama comeback, you should seriously not miss this one. Believe me, from the first episode, Joo Won’s acting is really impressive!

3. Mind blowing storyline

Since Alice is a sci-fi drama which focuses on time traveling, there are mindblowing scenes which will absolutely make you contemplate some theories. Because we never know what will happen next and there are a lot of possible twists that we might not expect to happen.

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By the way, I do not know if it is only me but I am so curious if there would be a romantic relationship between Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi. Well, it is for us to know by watching it until the last episode!

4. Breath-taking scenes

From the very first episode, Kim Hae Soo showed her skills in the spectacular action scenes. A woman doing stunts while holding a gun in an action scene is just so impressive with gigil effect, bes!

Just so you know, she was wearing stilettos during the action scene, so it added a “wow” factor! Plus, Joo Won’s stunts are also thrilling; the high building scene and car action scene are really impressive enough. Watch it for you to know how thrilling these scenes are!

5. Advance technology and science

I must say that Alice is not just a sci-fi drama but also an educational drama. Why? Because you will be able to learn through watching it specifically in the field of physics.

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We know that studying physics matter; the motion through space and time, and the related entities of energy and force, it is so fascinating that Alice really highlights the said field of study in order to prove the existence of parallel universe in the story. You will be amazed as well on its high-tech devices being utilized.

What are you waiting for? I guarantee that Alice is a must watch drama, mga bes! You can watch this on VIU.

The runtime schedule of it is every Friday and Saturday, 10:00 PM to 11:10 PM.

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