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‘The Devil Judge’: Not your typical legal drama, A masterpiece you shouldn’t miss

Among those ongoing dramas airing right now, I believe The Devil Judge is one of those drama you should not be missed!

The Devil Judge depicts a dystopian version of South Korea wherein the entire nation participates in a live broadcast courtroom show.

Here are the reasons why this drama is really worth to add in your must watch list:

1. It’s tvN’s newest Legal Drama

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We really can’t deny the fact that almost all of the hit drama series that we loved were came from tvN such as the Vincenzo, Hospital Playlist and Doom At Your Service to name a few.

The Devil Judge premiered to impressive viewership rating with the recorded average score of 5.6 percent nationwide according to Nielsen Korea last July 4.

With the drama’s strong and powerful pilot episode, no wonder it became a huge hit to viewers.

2. Ji Sung is the main lead

(Image Source: tvndrama.official)

The long wait is finally over for Ji Sung!

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After appearing as doctor Cha Yo Han in 2019 medical series Doctor John, he is now ready to captivate the hearts of many through his role as Judge Kang Yo Han.

He is currently portraying the role of a mysterious judge who punishes the bad people with no mercy. His character here reminds me of his role in Kill Me, Heal Me as Shin Se Gi.

I will never get tired of saying that Ji Sung is such a great and versatile actor. He is such a superb actor and he already proved that in his previous works that made me a fan of his.

Ya’ll need to watch this drama and witness how he flawlessly portrayed his character here.

3. Other Versatile and Charismatic Cast Members

Park Jin Young as Kim Ga On

(Image Source: tvndrama.official)

Park Jin Young plays a double role for this drama, the role of Kim Ga On, an associate judge on the Live Court Show and Judge Yo Han’s deceased half-Brother named Kang Isaac.

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Park Jin Young can really make your heart flutter either in his singing or his acting skill.

Kim Min Jung as Jung Sun Ah

(Image Source: tvndrama.official)

She is the greatest opponent of Judge Yo Han. Born in poor family and became a worker of Social Responsibility Foundation. Her character as well is really mysterious, you’ll get to know her as you go along with every episode of the drama.

Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung reunite again after 13 years since starring together in the medical drama series New Heart.

(Image Source: tvndrama.official)

Find out the backstory of their character’s intriguing relationship .

Park Gyu Young as Yoon Soo Hyun

(Image Source: tvndrama.official)

Park Gyu Young plays the role of Kim Ga On’s childhood friend named Yoon Soo Hyun. A brave lieutenant in the Regional Investigation Unit. Along with her friend, Ga On; they are trying to unfold the secrets of Judge Yo Han.

4. Mind blowing and Thrilling Scenes

This drama is not your typical legal drama; thus, i called it “An Extraordinary Legal Drama” since the trial in the drama is being held through a courtroom live show and the people who are watching the live show have the power to vote if the defendant is guilty or not guilty.

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Every characters has their own backstory which is really interesting and will really blow your mind. the pilot episode is already breathtaking and intense so you should start watching it na bes!

5. Meaningful Lessons

This drama will surely make an impact in your intellectual and moral aspect in life. As a k-drama lover, this is what matters the most in every legal drama series.

Not convinced yet? It’s a must watch! This drama is worth every minute.

Watch The Devil Judge every Saturdays and Sundays at 9 PM, KST. available in Viu and iQiyi.

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