5 reasons why “So I Married The Anti-Fan” is worth to add in your must watch list

Are you into romantic comedy dramas and been searching for the perfect one that will really suit your taste? So I married the anti-fan is the perfect one for you bes!

Here are reasons why it is so worth to add in your must watch list:

1. Catchy Storyline

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A comical love story of a top star, Who Joon and a magazine reporter, Lee Geun Young. The story takes place when Lee Geun Young becomes Who Joon’s anti-fan because she believes that losing her job is Who Joon’s fault. She became a famous anti-fan of him and receives an offer to cast in the reality TV show wherein the concept is all about the top star and the anti-fan living together.

You’ll gonna love the light and warm vibes of the story. If you love the concept of haters to lovers then you should watch this drama. I am sure that you’ll gonna love this and will definitely lighten up your mood. This is perfect especially to all fan girls and fan boys out there.

2. Main Leads

A. Choi Soo Young

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Choi Soo Young plays the role of Lee Geun Young, the famous no.1 anti-fan of Who Joon. Soo Young is not only a talented singer but a good actress as well.

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She portrays the character smoothly and comically. Her facial reactions whenever she argues with Who Joon is such a mood. You’ll surely love her sassy and warm character here.

B. Choi Tae Joon

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Choi Tae Joon plays the role of Who Joon, a world-famous superstar in the story. His charm in this drama will really make you fall in love with him as an actor and his character as well. He is so cute when he acts like he don’t care when he actually care to Geun Young.

C. Hwang Chan Sung

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Hwang Chan Sung plays the role of Choi Jae Joon or JJ, A chaebol and the CEO of an Entertainment agency. Aside from his great acting skill, Chan Sung looks so good looking here. A chaebol character really suits him well.

I don’t know if it’s only me, but it’s really funny how I compared his character here and his character as Go Gwi Nam in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim in terms of the number of suits he wear.

Those who already watched What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim can relate!

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D. Han Ji An

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Han Ji An plays Oh In Hyung an artist under Jae Joon’s agency, she is the reason why there’s friction between Jae Joon and Who Joon. She’s a new face for me, I haven’t seen her yet in other dramas but so far, her acting is good and she’s pretty as well.

E. Kim Min Kyu

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Kim Min Kyu plays the role of Go Soo Hwan a photographer friend of Lee Geun Young. He is one of the visuals here aside from Choi Tae Joon and Hwang Chan Sung. You’ll love his character here as Geun Young’s friend.

3. Chemistry of Choi Soo Young and Choi Tae Joon

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If you want a drama with a cliché concept of love hate relationship then this is perfect for you mga bes!

Their tandem here is so Kilig to the highest level! They are so hilarious when they are teasing and arguing with each other like a kid. They will really lighten up your mood.

I have my favorite kilig scenes already, looking forward for more heart fluttering moments of them, can’t wait for more episodes to release!

4. Soundtracks

Of course! this drama has an uplifting and beautiful OSTs as well such as; Pop star by Youngjae (Got7) which will really uplift your mood. On the other hand, you’ll surely fall for the sweet voice of Choi Tae Joon in Bittersweet and will make you sing along with it “I wonder what is love, I wanna know what is love” 🎶

3. Valuable Lessons

Aside from the heart fluttering moments and humorous scenes, this drama will surely give heartening lessons and realizations to everyone since it shows some realistic points of view in life.

On the other hand, there are also encouraging and inspirational words from the characters as well which will really motivate you to be strong and firm in all circumstances in life.

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The drama was filmed 3 years ago, so i must say that it is really worth the wait.

I want you to feel the warmth of this drama as well bes! It’s not too late to start watching it in iQIYI, Viki and Naver TV every friday and Saturday, 6 PM (KST).

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