Kim Min Jae sends coffee truck support to Woo Do Hwan’s “Hunting Dogs” filming set!

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Kim Min Jae and Woo Do Hwan’s friendship is so admirable!

On January 18, Woo Do Hwan posted a photo of him on his official Instagram account looking so genuinely happy with the coffee truck sent by his close friend, Kim Min Jae to the filming set of his upcoming Netflix series Hunting Dogs.

Kim Min Jae designed the vertical banner with the encouraging message that reads as:

“Steel shoulders Kim Gun Woo (Woo Do Hwan’s role in the drama), Fighting!”

while the horizontal banner reads as:

“To actor Woo Do Hwan and ‘Hunting Dogs’ team, I am rooting for you”

Kim Min Jae and Woo Do Hwan both starred in the 2018 youth drama series, The Great Seducer also known as Tempted along with the actress Moon Ga Young and Red Velvet’s Joy.

Kim Min Jae is such a sweet friend!

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Moreover, Hunting Dogs is a webtoon-based drama that depicts the story of three men who gets into trouble because of debt and they are trying to get out of it.

Let’s look forward to this mga bes!

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