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Get to Know Choi Bo Min of K-POP Group Golden Child

Golden Child’s Choi Bo Min is getting our attention on his appearance in Melting Me Softly!

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Choi Bo Min known as Bo Min is a member of South Korea’s boy band Golden Child which debuted last 2017. Bo Min portrays the role as the son of Ko Mi Ran’s ex lover in Melting Me Softly and is slowly gets attracted with Ko Mi Ran.

Moreover, as the show goes by, fans has started to notice Bo Min and were being interested about him. With this, listed here under are the facts about our rookie actor:

  • Choi Bo Min debuted under Woollim Entertainment
  • Currently, he is the lead dancer, maknae and visual of his group: Golden Child
  • Bo Min was born on August 24, 2000 which means that he is 19 years of age as of writing. But in Korean age he is already 20 years old
  • Has appeared in a 2018 South Korea’s movie Miracle as the main lead
  • His hometown is in Yeongin, South Korea
  • He also has made an appearance in a web based series A-TEEN
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Fans would definitely want to see Bo Min on other Korean dramas in the future.

Source: Featured Photo grab from Zenith News

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