How I came across Golden Child in this extraordinary world: A story and a letter

This is long, but please take time to read because it’s everything that is in my heart <3

I never actually understand how someone can be a multi fan. I always asked myself, “is it hard to love more than one group? Is it easy to support more than one group?”

That question had been lingering in my mind for so long, but it was finally answered when I met Golden Child.

My story

I am not a K-pop newbie. I have a group, Super Junior, whom I loved for over 11 years now and I have been with them since I was a teen. I literally grew up with them all these years and have seen their ups and downs. I’m proud to say that I have seen it all and I will stay as an ELF forever in my life.

But loving a new group is something I didn’t expect to happen this year. So, here’s a bit of my story on how I fell in love with Golden Child.

I met Golden Child in a very extraordinary way through their member’s (Choi Bomin) recent drama 18 Again.

I am an avid K-drama fan and I watch almost every drama that stars my favorite actors and actresses. 18 Again stars my favorite actor Lee Do Hyun. Choi Bomin is a classmate of Lee Do Hyun’s character. I recently found out that he is a member of the K-pop group Golden Child.

I’ve been hearing about Golden Child for so many months now but was never interested to get to know them. So, I was watching the drama again and was well aware that Choi Bomin is a member of Golden Child.

A month passed and they are releasing their 2nd single album titled “Pump It Up” when we promoted them on our page. Out of curiosity, I watched the music video of “Pump It Up” and bam! I was hooked!

I told my co-writer and friend that I watched the music video, and she sent me another video titled “DamDaDi”. I watched it and immediately have my eyes fixed on a member named Y. Later on I found out that he was the group’s main vocal and realized I was always drawn to the singers.

I spent the entire night learning more about them, watching some of their music videos, and proclaimed myself as a Goldenness.

About Golden Child

“Golden Child refers to a perfect child who is born once in 100 years. And they are named so as to lead the K-pop industry for the next 100 years as well as the future trend of music”.

CEO Lee Jung Yeop

Golden Child is a K-pop group under Woollim Entertainment, the home to artists such as INFINITE, Lovelyz, Rocket Punch, and Drippin’.

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They debuted on August 28, 2017, and celebrated their 3rd year anniversary this year.

Golden Child consists of 10 members namely Daeyeol, Y (Choi Sungyoon), Jangjun, Tag (Son Youngtaek), Seungmin, Jaehyun, Jibeom, Donghyun, Joochan, and Bomin.

They debuted with their album titled “Gol-cha” which includes the title track “DamDaDi”.

Additionally, they are known for their in-sync performances which are also what their company seniors, INFINITE, are known for.

Ever since their debut, Golden Child has been producing albums, songs, and performing not only in South Korea but also in many places around the world.

Just this year alone, Golden Child released three albums namely “Without You”, “Take A Leap”, and “Pump It Up”.

Why I love Golden Child

It has been almost 3 months since I have known Golden Child and I can really say they captured my heart.

I may be new to the fandom but I know that I have fallen in love with them and I will stay with them forever. I may be new but it felt like I was with them from the beginning.

Golden Child is one of the most genuine K-pop idol groups in the industry. Aside from their talents, they’re perfectly nice people who know how to value what’s around them. They value their fans so much and always make time to update and interact with them. During their shows and concerts, they always look for the Ness in the audience. They just love their fans and treat them as if they are their friends.

Of course, I have not personally met them. But through the videos and shows that I’ve watched, I can attest that they’re very good-hearted and I want nothing but success for them.

Golden Child made me laugh and cry in just three months and I’m excited to see what they have for me in the next years that I’ll be their fan.

Golden Child has been my biggest inspiration all these months. They really made me smile and help me become a better version of myself.

GOLDENNESS – the best fandom in the world

When I entered the fandom, I know nothing. I don’t know where to start and what to do first. I don’t know how I will get to know them.

I went into Reddit and joined a Golden Child subreddit and all the Goldenness there is helpful. They kept on suggesting things for me to watch.

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After a while, I went into Twitter and followed some accounts that will really help me get to know them more. I then realized that being on stan Twitter is the best thing that’s ever happened in my social media life.

I got to meet a lot of nice and generous people who feed my Goldenness life! They have been so nice to be interacting with me. A lot of them are really friendly and would even talk with me in direct messages.

Goldenness are just as good-hearted as their idols and I understand why the fandom is great because the idols are awesome!

My “Ness luck”

You see, I’ve never won any raffle draws or giveaways in my entire life. But when I became a Ness, I won giveaways. I even won a ticket pass on their online show for Pohang K-pop Concert last December 4, 2020.

Golden Child is truly a blessing from God and brought so much luck in my life. With all these happenings, I realized that I was destined to be a Goldenness even from the beginning.

My message for Golden Child

First of all, I would like to thank the ten of you for existing. For being together all these years and being the GOLDEN CHILD that Goldenness are proud of.

Graphics by NotesForNess and translation by without_yun

Second, I’m sorry for being late. But like what people say, it’s never too late for something new. And you, Golden Child, is my something new for this year and became the best thing that’s ever happened despite the complications in the world. You are a blessing in my life and I decided to be in this fandom forever. I want to see the ten of you walking in the golden and flowery path and all Goldenness will be there beside you.

I am excited for all the years you will all have in the industry. I’m sure you will all be at the top, just like Sungyoon wanted. I’m sure Golden Child will be the top name in the industry and I’ll make sure I’ll be there.

Thank you for being the best boys ever. You all are so talented, the funniest, very good-hearted, and most of all, genuine people I’ve ever met. You all deserve the love from all your fans because you’ve given us so much in three years’ time. We would love to give back as much as we can.

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I love you Golden Child! Thank you for bringing sunshine into my life!

My message for Goldenness

It was a wonderful time meeting all of you! I hope we all meet soon and talk about the boys in person. It was so fun being in a place where I felt truly belong. A place wherein we can talk about everything that we love without being judgemental.

The fandom is a very refreshing place and I know it’s all because of these lovely people I met and of course, Golden Child.

Thank you for welcoming me with open arms. Being in this family is my favorite memory of this year and I can’t wait to spend more time with you all!

My ultimate bias – Choi Sungyoon

Thank you for being you. Thank you for being my light and love. For being my strength and inspiration. You inspire me to be healthy and better so that when the time comes that we’ll actually meet, I’m all better.

Photo screenshot from V LIVE

Sungyoon, thank you for being the best guy ever. You are the sweetest person I met and I know that you value your fans so much. You are truly the light of all Goldenness!

Since we’re the same age, it’s a nice feeling that I can relate to you on so many levels. What you said last time about growing up and time passing by is something I will hold on to forever. I don’t regret time passing by either and as I grow older, I learned to live a life that will make me happy, regardless of what others think.

You are my inspiration and I can’t wait for the day that I can finally tell you all these things. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being my happy pill whenever I am stressed with life. Thank you for making me light up all the time. I love you Choi Sungyoon!


I have so much more to say and share. But loving and stanning Golden Child is the best decision I have ever made this year. With all the chaos in the world, Golden Child will definitely brighten up your life. That’s the Golden Child effect: they just make everything better.

Golden Child, you are Goldenness’ pride and joy.

Are you a Goldenness? What’s your fangirl/fanboy story? Share it with us in the comments below!

All images are courtesy of Golden Child and Woollim Entertainment

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12 thoughts on “How I came across Golden Child in this extraordinary world: A story and a letter

  1. I remember when I was sad because I had a bad day at the University and I want to be better but I didn´t know what to do. while I was listening ALL DAY I could find MYSELF I LOVE GOLDEN CHILD BECAUSE THEY HAVE
    comforting songs. ♥♥♥ LOVE YOU

  2. Aww it was so nice to read this article. I always look out for new Goldenness and when I read their experience, it fills me with happiness.

    I am not a solo stan myself. But to be honest, I never thought I would be falling any group, let alone Golden Child. I am not a person that invest my attention and time being a fangirl or fanboy to an artist. It’s a rare phenomenon to me but yeah, I fell into new group rabbit hole again in Oct/Nov 2019. I found them during their cute concept era (Let Me and Genie) and though I don’t like cutesy songs, I followed them around and anticipated more from them. I don’t know what but I am sure those genuine smile and those genuine feelings they conveyed through their songs made me lean towards them.
    I find them very talented and always blown away by how hard they try. They always exceed my own expectations and do more than they could (just like with their new song Burn It). I love how they share their own side on social media handles though I would like them to be to themselves, away from celebrity life.
    I am emotionally attached to them and would like to see them reach new heights because they actually deserve it all. Plus, now that keep learning more about them, I think I can learn a thing or two from them myself. Especially when more than half of them are around my age. I find them like me and so it becomes more relatable than ever.

    That’s the end of my story.

    Anyways, keep stanning golden child.

  3. I got into Golden Child during rtk, after seeing them rank low even though their performances are amazing! It breaks my heart to see them eliminated, and I wanted to support them because they deserve a lot! Goldenness are also very nice in general and I felt at home with them~

  4. I am a goldeness for a year now.I first know GOLDEN CHILD through their episode at rolling(transonglation) promoting their Wannabe. Well I just accidentally click the video actually . Then , the pink-haired guy (Joochan) really caught my attention , I am so amazed by his voice . I remember I watch it for 4 times before I decided to search for the music itself. As I am watching the music video I almost forgot about the music because I can’t believe their visuals , they are literally visuals , but this time my eyes was pinned to Jaehyun . Wow , just wow , I can’t believe what I am seeing that time. After that , I went to my facebook account , I searched for groups for GOLDEN CHILD and I successfully got in for some , but I still can’t relate to the topics as I am new . So I went to google to look for some information ,then I created twitter account . At twitter is where my fangirling started . You are very right admin , goldeness are very welcoming , they suggested me so many things to watch about GOLDEN CHILD .So I went back to youtube again and I watched their woollimpick , just in first episode I already decided that Jaehyun will be my bias forever . Just for two weeks I almost done watching all their videos . That’s how dedicated I am . Then road to kingdom came . Honestly I am as excited as everyone , we even talked to gc about how to welcome new fans in our fandom . We successfully welcomed many new fans actually even though our boys are eliminated just like that . I was so sad , very very sad that time , I can’t sleep and eat well , just thinking how the f* they are eliminated . That was my first cry as a new kpop fan . But life must go on and the time passed so quickly. Well I have so much more to share but I have work to do now. I’ll continue this after my work is done.

  5. It was Let Me that made me decided to be a Goldenness. I love their youth journey and also their genuine reaction towards every little achievements that they made since debut. They literally taught me on how to move forward in my own pace.

    Slowly but surely. That’s my Golden Child.

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