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K-Pop Superfest happening on June 19 featuring your favorite Korean artists!

Calling all K-Pop fans! The largest K-Pop music festival yet is happening on June 19, brought to us by Joy Ruckus Club and Sessions!

K-Pop Superfest will feature performances from AB6IX, Ailee, AleXa, Bloo, Cravity, DJ Soda, GWSN, Golden Child, Lovelyz, Jessi, Momoland, Rain, The Boyz, and Woo!ah!!

The online music festival will be live streaming on June 19 at 9 PM ET (June 20 at 9 AM PHT) from Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul and will be available for viewing for over 100+ countries worldwide.

K-Pop Superfest will feature the top K-Pop artists of this generation.

The one-day festival is the first K-pop-only festival that Sessions will be promoting. Additionally, merchandise such as event t-shirts and signed posters, as well as NFT videos and 1-on-1 meet and greet opportunities are also available for fans during the festival.

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The festival will be hosted by AleXa and The Boyz’s Kevin.

K-Pop Superfest will be a day filled with music and interactions between the artists and the fans!

Here is the complete artists’ line up with the schedule of their stage performances:

Tickets are available on their website at so make sure to purchase them now for the show next week!

About Joy Ruckus Club and Sessions

Joy Ruckus Club is a humanitarian-oriented concert series founded by Asian Americans. The founder, Kublai Kwon, is the first-cousin of the late Shin Hae Chul, who is Korea’s first K-Pop superstar. K-Pop Superfest is said to be an honor to his legacy by featuring the top K-pop superstars of this generation.

Sessions is a live streaming solution for artists to promote their music virtually. Sessions a great place for both artists and fans to enjoy live experiences together. It is co-founded by Tim Westergren, who also founded Pandora.

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[PR from Joy Ruckus Club]

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