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Golden Child and Goldenness’ best leader: Lee Daeyeol

Anyone can be a leader, but not everyone can lead right.

Golden Child‘s Lee Daeyeol is that one leader who successfully leads his members through the years.

From being a leader to the trainees to leading a 10-member group, you know that Daeyeol is the perfect man for the job.

About Lee Daeyeol

Born on February 11, 1993, Lee Daeyeol is the hardworking leader of the talented K-pop group, Golden Child.

He started as a trainee in 2012 and was a backup dancer to INFINITE during his trainee days. He eventually debuted as a member of Golden Child in 2017 and took the role of leader.

A very talented artist, Daeyeol sang his first solo song titled “Out The Window”, which is a part of their 2021 album “Game Changer”.

But what makes Daeyeol the best leader?


He made sure to always put the members first before himself. He always thinks about what’s best for the group.

Daeyeol usually works more behind the scenes and he lets his members shine.

Everything that he does is for the good of the group and that’s how selfless he is.

He knows when to be strict and be playful

As a bunch of boys in their 20s, Golden Child tends to be playful and tease each other a lot.

But being a good leader himself, Daeyeol knows how to be strict and to be a fun leader for the members.

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And because of this, the members know their boundaries and when is the time to take things seriously and when is the time to have fun. With his great leadership, the members respect him so much.

Daeyeol knows how to balance things and he leads the group with love and care.

Supportive of the members

Whenever Daeyeol is being praised for being a good leader, he doesn’t forget to give credit to the members.

He always says that he is a good leader because the members made him one.

He always believed that the members will do greater things. He has great trust in the members. He always cheered for them. He is Golden Child’s number one supporter since day one.

As a leader, he trained the members so well. He helped them to be the best version of themselves. To improve not only in their talents but also as a person.

And as Golden Child‘s leader, he is the members’ biggest support system. He is the core of the hyung line and he’s the person the members go to whenever they are down or sad. He knows the members so well since they have been together for so long.

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The trust and support Daeyeol has for his fellow members are over the top and he will do anything to boost their confidence.

He is a family and a friend to the members

Despite being the youngest member of his family, Daeyeol became Golden Child’s hyung, father, and friend.

He is the “baby” of his own family but with Golden Child, he’s the person they are depending on. He is their strict father, supportive brother, and fun friend.

Remember when Sungyoon went to visit Daeyeol’s family home during the holidays because he can’t go home? He treats his fellow members as his own family and brothers.

Born to be a leader

He is Golden Child‘s leader not because he is the oldest but because he is the most capable of leading them.

He became the leader because he knows how to lead the members and he unites them.

The leader position is meant for him from the beginning.

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And as a leader, Daeyeol strives to grow every single time. He takes everything as a learning experience. Whatever he learns, he shares with his members. He only wants the best for the group.

A good influence to Goldenness

Daeyeol cares so much about Goldenness.

One thing that Daeyeol said that became so remarkable to Goldenness is:

I always prefer walking slowly! That way, you can look around, feel the beauty and know the importance of it.

It’s a very reassuring quote and reminder for us Goldenness to take things slowly and we will get there.

Also, he never forgets about Goldenness. He always made sure to thank Goldenness for whatever they do and achieve.

Because he is Lee Daeyeol

He is the best leader because he is who he is.

He is dedicated, humble, sincere, responsible, earnest, patient, caring, he has a genuine heart, trustworthy, his humility, mature, passionate, strong. He is everything that is good in the world.

To our dear leader Daeyeol, we wish you a happy birthday! We thank you for leading us to the right path, for being our shoulder to lean on. Without you, Golden Child will never be what it is today. It’s because of you Golden Child became a successful group of people who want nothing but to share their talents with the world.

We wish you all the best in your upcoming military enlistment. Take care of yourself and we will wait for your return!

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