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Appreciation and love for Golden Child from Goldenness

All feature contents are made by Gezzerree Viado, Annalizabeth Awa, & Sarah Montejo

It might be an understatement if I say Golden Child changed my life.

Ever since I became a Goldenness in 2020, I made it a point that I would be using this platform to promote them more. The past months have been a fun experience for me since I had a chance to flex Golden Child through Annyeong Oppa and hopefully, that attracted new fans.

Since the YES era has ended, I would like to write an article that would focus on all the feature contents Annyeong Oppa did for Golden Child.

Overall, we have written articles, created quizzes and memes, featured Golden Child on all our social media pages.

We started featuring Golden Child and each member last November 2020. Together with Admin Ann and Admin Sarah, we were able to create feature content for each member, which received good responses from all Goldenness and non-Goldenness.

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The goal of the feature contents is to show our love, support, and appreciation for all the members. Although there’s a low chance of them seeing it, it was still meaningful because we were able to share how much we love them.

Additionally, the bigger goal for this is to promote Golden Child here in the Philippines and hopefully, help them gain new fans and be known by the general public.

Golden Child is a very talented boy group that deserves so much love and recognition from everyone. Looking back during their promotion for the YES era, I’m 100% sure that they gained new fans in the span of two months.

As a Goldenness, it makes my heart happy that Golden Child is slowly achieving a lot of things and that they are being recognized by many people worldwide.

I want everyone to know how talented these boys are. They are all-rounder idols: they can sing, dance, act, they are very intelligent, very athletic, and a lot more things.

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Lastly, I would like to share the things Golden Child and Goldenness achieved for the YES era: charting at #1 on Genie multiple times since release, winning twice for “Burn It“, marking their fourth win since debut, and of course, won the hearts of so many people.

Thank you, Golden Child and Goldenness! We will be together forever until we reach the top, slowly but surely!

I would like to end this by sharing what Choi Sungyoon said:

We’re going to continue to grow in our own way. Don’t worry too much. I hope that you trust in us and stick by our side.

Feature contents for Golden Child members

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