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BTOB4U’s “Show Your Love” M/V reaches 10 million views and counting!

Melody definitely showed their love to BTOB4U as their title track surpassed 10 million views (and counting!) on Youtube, 5 days after it was released.

Photo from Official BTOB page

BTOB4U is a subunit of BTOB consists of Seo Eunkwang, Lee Minhyuk, Lee Changsub and Peniel Shin.

As of now, they are the only active members as Lim Hyunsik, Jung Ilhoon and Yook Sungjae are completing their military service.

The music video talked about various kinds of love and conveyed different levels of emotion.

It sends a message that with love everything is possible, which is very timely with all the not so good things that are happening right now.

Photo from Cube Entertainment

In addition, the song’s composer Lim Hyunsik, left a message on the video. It states that, “There is no greater power than love in our universe. It is time to show love. Let us overcome together with love.”

The number of views might be small but this is already a big achievement to the fandom.

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Looking back, their fastest music video to reach 1 million views was Movie in 18 hours but for Show Your Love, these were achieved in 8 hours. It even multiplied to million after a few days.

We all know that the number of views isn’t the basis on the quality of music but it’s really nice to see how much they have grown and how their supporters had increased during their hiatus.

Photo from Official BTOB page

The album also reached number 1 spot on iTunes on different countries including Philippines.

Consequently, the tracks on their mini album “Inside” are doing well too as these entered various music charts in Korea.

Peniel, Changsub, Minhyuk and Eunkwang on their album jacket photoshoot; Photo from Cube Entertainment

The album is already available on Spotify and you may want to give it a listen. You can check the link below.

They never failed to make us proud and give high quality music with their powerful vocals, excellent rapping skills, and healing through their songs.

Moreover, BTOB4U will hold a special video call event in the Philippines on December 10 that will be presented by CDM Entertainment.

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Another exciting event to look forward to, Melody!

Congratulations to our best boys! You deserve all the love and support that you have right now.

Keep on inspiring and showing the world that with all the hardworks, everything will surely pay off in God’s perfect time.

If you have not watched their MV yet, let us stream here and show them our overflowing love.💙👇🏻

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