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7 BTOB Songs to Motivate You

When you feel like the world is conspiring against you, like the day can’t get any worse. Listen to these songs to soothe your mind with their mesmerizing vocals, amazing raps, and relatable lyrics. Although music can’t make your worries fade permanently, it’s still good to know that there is something that will brighten your darkening days – that will inspire and motivate you when you needed it. So, here’s a playlist of BTOB’s songs that will cheer you to keep on going!

7. Finale: Our Concert

Even though this song is made especially for their fans, Melody, it’s not a sin to enjoy it and feel like the song will truly protect you from the negativity of the world.

6. Friend

In this song, you will be reminded of how important your true friends are in your life. Even if you have an ugly fight with them, at the end of the day, they will always support you and stay by your side until the end.

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5. Voice

This song gently reminds you that each day is a miracle and that they are always beside you to listen to your worries and comfort you when you are tired.

4. My Day

The city is full of noise and people bustling around. Seeing it everyday in your life might get suffocating, that is why, you need to get away from it all and have a vacation. Enjoy your day relaxing and discovering new things that will calm your soul.

3. Drawing (The Picture I Drew)

When the world is mocking you, don’t give up and just keep on trying. Don’t lose hope to yourself because you still need to show them what you are capable of. Remember that making mistakes is fine, as long as we learn from it and use it to be a better human being.

2. Way Back Home

1. It’s Okay

A song that will make you cry and uplift your mood whenever you listen to it! Though you are struggling alone, don’t worry because everything will be okay. It might take long for your life to be normal again and you might feel like you are lost in this world, but keep in mind that there people who always believe in you and motivate you. 

Is there another motivational song by BTOB that you’d like to recommend? Share them now on the comment section below!

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  1. Huhuhu indeed they are truly not selling an album but a true emotions!!! ❤ Loving BTOB forever!! #BTOB #Wewillwait!! #BtobMelodyForever💙

  2. BEAUTIFUL PAIN. Life might give you hardship, broken heart, and painful separation. But somewhere in-between, we will always have beautiful memories to treasure. A person is present with all his/her memories, and look forward to the future with hopes. And life shall go on.

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