BTOB’s Changsub Talks About His First Solo Album and Concert Before His Military Enlistment

Earlier, BTOB‘s Changsub appeared on SBS radio show My Sister’s Radio.

The hosts, Song-eun and Kim-sook were delighted by Changsub’s appearance on their radio show.

Changsub expressed his excitement when he learned that he’s going to appear on the said radio show. “I screamed happily. I was excited.” the BTOB member said.

Changsub will hold a solo concert in Seoul and Gwangjin-gu to meet his fans before he enter the military on January 14.

He was worried that he might not fill the concert hall during the day of the concert. “I was really worried but i am thankful to my fans because i am receiving a lots of love from them.” he said.

You can listen to all the songs that i sang so far such as musicals, OSTs and cover songs. We also prepared sexy dances that they’ve never seen in 7 years.” he said.

“I’m also worried because my cheeks might bounce when i’m dancing” Changsub said. “I lost 57kg before but now i’ve gained 10kg. I am so happy this past few days, so i keep on gaining weight.” he added with a smile.

Changsub recently released his first solo album “Mark” in seven years since his debut.

He said that ‘Mark’ has an ultimate goal to leave a mark on his first solo album.

He also wrote the title song “Gone” dedicated to his fans. “I’m usually not good on expressing myself. So I wanted to express it in lyrics.” he said.

His goal was to rank first in terms of BTOB’s physical appearance in 2018. “I think I’ve achieved it on my own.” he said with a sense of humor.

Lastly, Changsub left a video letter to fans. “Today is the last day of official broadcasts. We will have a short break for now. Stay healthy and happy. See you again in 2020.” he said.

Meanwhile, Lee Chang-sub will join the training camp on January 14 and undergo basic military training before officially serving in the military.

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