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BTOB’s Hyunsik serenades fans with a surprise Busking in Seoul

BTOB’s Father of Music and main composer Im Hyunsik proves that he never runs out of way to show his love and appreciation to BTOB fans (Melody).

On November 9, Hyunsik held a free busking event outside of Coex in Samseong, Seoul to serenade his fans especially those who weren’t able to attend his 2-day concert the previous week. The busking was only announced on the eve of November 8 which took Melodies by surprise. But despite the sudden announcement, a lot of anticipating fans still went to watch his live performance.

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Even before the event started, the live band was already warming up with Swimming, Hyunsik’s solo song which was released in 2017. It increased anticipation from the audience and almost everyone was screaming on top of their lungs.

The busking started at 9:00 PM with Hyunsik looking so dashing with his suit and his guitar. He and his band did a sound check playing “Rendez-vous”, a song from his self-produced album of the same title. He made the fans’ hearts flutter just by humming to Rendez-vous which sounded like a lullaby.

He then sang “Rendez-vous” in full band accompaniment. For some, it might be their first time to hear him singing it live and it was exactly the same as the recorded audio version, or even better. Hyunsik was smiling in between his lines and he was also listening to the fanchants.

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“Rendez-vous” was followed by “Docking”. The song beautifully portrays “Docking”, which requires such precision and high-tech skills, as a precious meeting with someone. Hyunsik removed his in-ear several times while singing so he could listen to Melodies’ impressive fanchants. As expected from the fans because they are well-trained by BTOB members. How to stan a talented fandom?

After “Docking”, he looked into the sky and told the fans that his wish to the moon was to be with Melodies like that and it was already happening. Then he started singing “Moonlight”, another track from his first solo album. Melodies did the fanchant so well that Hyunsik could freely do an ad lib towards the end of the song. Here’s a video clip:

As the fans thought that he couldn’t get any more impressive that he already was, he sang the english song “Fly Me To The Moon”. His soothing voice sounded like he was courting everyone in the audience. He went to all the sides and gave free hi-touch to the people in front. True to the lyrics of the song, “In other words, hold my hand”. And yes, in other words, Melodies love him too.

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The atmosphere was overflowing with emotions when he started to sing his title track from the album – “Dear Love”. It is a song inspired by the quantum entanglement, in which one molecule is separated in two, and the two connect each other even on the other side of the universe. Dear Love harmonizes Hyunsik’s soothing voice and highlights his skills in using poetic lyrics. It was so touching that he changed the lyrics from “Dear love 나와 얽힌 그대여” to “Dear love 나와 얽힌 멜로디” which means, “Melody, you are intertwined with me.” Simultaneously, Dear Love’s MV was being played on the large LCD screen in Coex – a proudful moment. Watch this beautiful Hyunsik-Melody moment below:

Then he sang “Swimming” which was supposed to be the last song for the night but of course, Melodies asked for more and requested for “Black”. It is the most upbeat track from his album which showcases his impressive electric guitar skills. He seemed to enjoy playing the song as he was headbanging while singing it. Melodies too were banging their heads to the song which caught Hyunsik’s attention that he even imitated it while pretending to hold a phone taking videos. Indeed, a man with a sense of humor.

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The night seemed to be far from over yet as he gave in to the request of Melodies to sing another song. So he sang the english song – “Gravity” which he also performed during his solo concert. It really felt like attending his concert but for free! He thanked the fans in between his lines but it should be the other way around. Fans were more thankful to him for meeting them in such an unexpected time at no cost at all. Truly a man worth to stan.

For the encore, he serenaded the fans with “Moondance”. Well, it was really a marvelous night for a moondance. With the stars up above each others’ eyes – both of Hyunsik and his precious Melodies.

Watch out for more Annyeong Oppa’s fancams from the busking event on our Youtube channel and try not to fall in love with BTOB’s Im Hyunsik.

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