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10 Adorable moments of Yook Sungjae in “Mystic Pop-up Bar” to enjoy as he serves in the military

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Yook Sungjae is one of the well loved Korean idol-actors by many Hallyu fans. He is not just a good looking man but also a talented and kind-hearted person. No wonder why various people really like him for being their sunshine every day and their stars in gloomy nights.

A lot of Hallyu fans know well that he is a member of a popular South Korean boy group BTOB and an impressive actor. He starred already in different Korean dramas, such as in Reply 1994, Plus Nine Boys, Who Are You: School 2015, The Village: Achiara’s Secret, and Goblin. In 2020, he took part in the ongoing drama titled Mystic Pop-up Bar.

Did you know that Sungjae has also been part of various variety shows and has won a lot of awards already? Moreover, many people truly admire him because of his deep love for others, genuine smiles, good attitude, passion for what he is doing, and many more. Indeed, he is such a precious human being.

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Currently, Sungjae is fulfilling his mandatory military service and many people miss him already. Luckily, fans can catch him on Mystic Pop-up Bar, which is already done filming prior to his enlistment.


This K-drama follows the story of a 500-year-old woman named Weol Ju (Hwang Jung Eum) who runs a mysterious drinking establishment with a young part timer. It is known for being a healing and joyful drama addressing societal issues.

Sungjae takes the role of the said part timer named Kang Bae. He will be in help for the owner as he possesses special power that makes people talk about their deepest wounds and worries when they touch him. Although he is kind of lonely as a result of his power, he is still kind, adorable, and hard working individual.

Below are just his 10 adorable moments and eye candy to enjoy.

1. Supportive Kang Bae

Kang Bae is really a supportive individual to his fellow workers achieving “Employee of the Month” award. He is utterly caring and a sweetheart!

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2. Kang Bae’s life changes

3. Wink and lip bite

Kang Bae wishes to be someone normal and have his own girlfriend he can kiss (with no consequences)!

4. Suspicious

He is really suspicious about his contract with Weol Ju. However, he really wants to get rid of his power despite his worries about it.

5. Terrified

6. Clingy

7. Happy

He truly enjoys the welcoming party thrown for him! He is starting to appreciate his team as he also feels being belong with them.

8. They look like a happy family that Kang Bae never had before

9. He was caught!

Someone is finally unaffected by his special ability! He also gets his butt checked while on the process.

10. Happy and hopeful

Who can resist his cuteness? Do not forget to tune in and watch him on Mystic Pop-up Bar on Netflix every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 PHT!

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Photos courtesy of Netflix

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