20 Korean Songs that you can include in your rainy day playlist!

It’s the time of the year again! 

On this gloomy and cold weather, we just want to stay at home, lay in bed, binge-watch your favorite kdrama, drink coffee/hot chocolate, eat warm foods, sit beside your window to watch how the rain falls, or just simply listen to good music. 

So we list down some Korean songs that you can enjoy (and be sentimental) during this bed weather season. Check out the songs below that you might include in your rainy day playlist!

1. Beautiful – Crush

2. Through the Night – IU

3. Rain – SOYOU and BAEKHYUN

4. When This Rain Stops – WENDY

5. instagram – DEAN

6. It’s You – Henry

7. When The Night Is Falling – Punch

8. Love Me Like That – Sam Kim

9. She’s in the Rain – The Rose

10. Let Me know – Jimmy Brown

11. Galaxy – BOL4

12. Perhaps Love – Eric Nam and CHEEZE

13. You, Clouds, Rain – Heize (feat. Shin Young Jae)

14. Untitled, 2014 – G-DRAGON

15. Hug Me – JOONIL JUNG

16. Rain Song – Epik High (feat. Colde)

17. When it rains – BTOB-BLUE

18. Every Day, Every Moment – Paul Kim

19. How can I love the heartbreak, you’re the one I love – AKMU

20. How’s your night – J_ust 

How about you? What’s your must-have song in your playlist during this rainy season? Share us your favorites in the comments below!

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