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BTOB’s Hyunsik Writes a Heartfelt Letter to His Fans

Written by: Wendy Almasen

Lim Hyunsik wooed his fans again on his recent LieV with his heartfelt letter.

Last October 22, 2019, Hyunsik had a scheduled V-Live to talk about his album, Rendez-vous. He shared about the challenges of releasing an album and promoting alone. He then gave the background of the album, and why he chose space as its concept. Hyunsik also discussed his thoughts about each song in his album. He further interacted with his fans through answering their questions and replying to their comments.

Near the end of his live, he wrote a handwritten letter to his fans ASMR style. He wanted his viewers to listen to the scribbling sound to be able to relax. In his letter, he wrote:

 “Thank you for saying that you’re going to wait for me. I promise you that I will stay with you. Let’s look at the same way, and fly to the star at the same speed. I love you.”

Fans commented:

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“The first successful ASMR by BTOB.”
“Thank you very much.”
“That was so nice. It made my heart race”.

At the request of his fans, Hyunsik took a photo with his letter after the broadcast.

You can watch the replay of his LieV here and you can listen to his album, Rendez-vous, below.

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