15 Reasons Why BTOB’s Hyunsik is a Boyfriend Material

It’s BTOB Im Hyunsik’s birthday!

Hyunsik, also known as BTOB’s Father of Music, is celebrating his 28th (Korean age) birthday today. Aside from having great singing and composing skills, do you know that he also possesses good characteristics which make him an ideal boyfriend?

That’s right! So here are various reasons on why Hyunsik is the perfect boyfriend that you would be proud to have:

1. His eye smile will brighten up your day.

Fans also call him as ‘Mr. Eye Smile’ because his eyes are literally smiling too. Seeing his disappearing half-crescent eyes will surely make your worries disappear for a while. Imagine having a bad day and then he will give you his brightest eye smile to cheer you up. Just imagine how heart fluttering it could be!

2. His gaze will melt your heart.

If his eye smile will make you live with kilig, then his gaze will do the opposite! It will make your heart skip a bit and you might momentarily forget how to breathe. You will surely lost it during a staring game just like this:

3. He will compose a song for you.

He has composed a lot of songs and some even became BTOB‘s title tracks and are still topping the chart! Surely, he will find time to write a song to express his love for you. And he can actually do it on the spot.

He will even let you listen to his compositions prior releasing it to the public while sharing earphones like what he did here:

4. He will be your travel buddy.
Can we change our names to Melody?

Whenever he has a time, Hyunsik usually travel to other places. He can also adapt to whatever environment you are in, be it in a jungle.

You can walk around the streets of some cities in Europe while holding each other’s hands or enjoy the waves of the sea in the Pacific.

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The place doesn’t really matter to him as long as he’s with you. Kahit pa sa 20 Space lang!

Here’s a video of him celebrating his birthday last year in Law of the Jungle:

5. He will be your Instagram boyfriend

Hyunsik has an eye for artistic things. Have you seen his Instagram account?

It’s aesthetic, right? Imagine having him as a boyfriend and you will be his subject to his 3-photo IG posts. He will casually post 3 photos of you in the same angle. For other people, those are just 3 similar photos, but for him, each photos shows a unique side of you through his camera lens. Ayiiii…

6. He will support your hobbies even if it’s an unusual one like gaming.
7. He will be your food buddy.

If there’s one thing that Hyunsik loves the most, it’s eating. He doesn’t just eat — he eats a lot. So definitely, he will be your boyfriend slash food buddy. He has done few ‘mukbang’ videos. Just by watching him eating, will make you want to eat him, I mean, eat with him as well.

But don’t worry about eating a lot because…

8. He believes that girls shouldn’t be too skinny.


9. He doesn’t really care about what you wear as long as you’re comfortable with it.

10. He is a gentleman and he will protect you as his woman.

He was asked in an interview on what is something that he hates and absolutely cannot stand. Hyunsik answered, “People that are like trash and commit crimes against women because they believe women are weaker.”

How can you not really fall for this guy?

11. He will call you his baby

And even if he is a grown man, he will still love to call you as ‘Baby (insert your name)’

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Want some more?

12. He will sing you a lullaby.

If you’re having a hard time falling asleep, Hyunsik will always volunteer to sing you a lullaby. Though it might not really help at all because how can you possibly sleep on his great vocals? You just can’t!

Here’s Hyunsik singing to John Legend’s All Of Me:

13. His phone voice will make you look forward for his calls.

No time for a date? No worries! He will love to call you every morning or any time of the day to ask if you have eaten already, if you’re about to sleep, or if you just miss him, etc. His phone voice is to die for!

14. He will be your shoulder to lean on (literally).

Being the strongest in BTOB, Hyunsik can be your shoulder to lean on, like literally ‘lean on’. His broad shoulders look so firm and manly that you can even live there for a hundred years. Lol!

15. He will make you happy when you’re sad.

He may look serious most of the time but he can also be a jolly person. If he sees that you are not okay, he will go out of his way to make you smile again. And he will own up to his mistakes if he does something to upset you.

Are you now convinced that Hyunsik is a boyfriend material? Do you want one Hyunsik for yourself? Take this quiz and find out if you will end up Kissing, Dating or Marrying him!

QUIZ: Will You Kiss, Date or Marry BTOB's Im Hyunsik?

It's Im Hyunsik's birthday!

Hyunsik, also known as BTOB's Father of Music, is finally coming to Manila for his first ever overseas solo fan meeting dubbed as "Dear Melody". Find out if you will end up kissing, dating or marrying him by taking this quiz!

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QUIZ: Will You Kiss, Date or Marry BTOB's Im Hyunsik?

Question 1 of 10.

What is your favorite Korean food?

1. Samgyupsal
2. Tteokbokki
3. Ramyeon
Question 2 of 10.

What is your favorite BTOB song?

1. Missing You
2. Finale: Our Concert
3. Someday
4. Blue Moon
5. I'll Be Your Man
Question 3 of 10.

To whom do you ship Hyunsik?

1. Me, myself, and I
2. Sami
3. His banana
Question 4 of 10.

Is Hyunsik handsome or pretty?

1. Oh so handsome
2. Undeniably pretty
Question 5 of 10.

Is Hyunsik your first BTOB bias?

1. Yes, he's the first and will always be
2. No, but he's my no.1 now
Question 6 of 10.

What do you like the most about Hyunsik?

1. His voice
2. His physique
3. His eye smile
Question 7 of 10.

What is your favorite color?

1. Black
2. Blue
3. Red
Question 8 of 10.

What is your favorite color on Hyunsik's hair?

1. Black
2. Green
3. Blonde
Question 9 of 10.

Where do you want to go on a date?

1. Hyunsik's recording studio
2. Beach please
3. Movie house
4. Simple restaurant
5. Museum
Question 10 of 10.

Until when are you going to be a Melody?

1. Until I get married to Hyunsik
2. As long as I live. Yejiapsa!

Next question 1 of 10

All 10 questions completed!

QUIZ: Will You Kiss, Date or Marry BTOB's Im Hyunsik?

Let’s greet IM HYUNSIK a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!

Here’s a bonus video that can definitely trigger any Filipino Hyunsik stans:

And another one!


Thank you to my fellow Melodies for contributing to this article! Special mention: @hyunsikieee @erzakenscarlet @SweetieSikkie

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