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Kdrama Review: 8 Reasons to Watch ‘Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo’

Disclaimer: Might include some spoilers, so much fangirling feels and tagalog words.

This review might come a little late as the drama already ended years ago (and we are still hoping for the sequel!) Sorry na mga bes, ngayon ko lang pinanood. Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo is one of the top 2016 Korean dramas that was loved by many. The drama was also adapted from the Chinese version of the same title. The interesting plot lines, unexpected love plots, and the amazing casts made the drama known globally.

Now, I will give you reasons why I fell in love with this 3-years old Historical Korean drama:

1. The Overall Plot is 10/10.

Just a little recap, IU’s present-day character was named as Go Ha Jin, she was betrayed by her boyfriend and bestfriend. While sitting around the deck, she saw someone who was close to drowning and had the urge to save that person. An eclipse suddenly happen and Ha Jin sank in the waters, she woke up to a traditional Goryeo Korea and is part of the Royal Household because her cousin is married to the 8th Prince, Wang Wook. Go Ha Jin, now known as Lady Hae Soo, fights her way to survive in Goryeo. She gets to be friends with the Princes and became connected to 4th Prince, Wang So. Throughout the episodes, we’ve found out who the traitors were, who deserves so much love and that some people died for love.

2. The Casts were exceptional.

I can say that IU is the perfect Go Ha Jin/ Hae Soo that I can picture. She may not be a full time actress but her experiences from her previous dramas is a good experience of her to portray her character.

Photo from Cosmopolitan Korea

The Princes’ looked more royal with their good visuals, I love how Kang Ha Neul’s character became one of the turning point of the drama. I now understood why Jisoo was always a second-male lead, and Baekhyun’s first acting role was not bad at all! What impressed me the most would be the performance of Hong Jong Hyun and Kang Ha Na, both were pretty good on expressing what their characters want. Lee Joon Gi captured my heart in this drama (lol).

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Other casts.
3. The love plot lines.

Ha Jin/Hae Soo was broken when she have found out that her boyfriend and bestfriend betrayed her. She was then hopeless that she’ll find a love in her lifetime again. Then come the Goryeo Princes, kakaloka mga bes. Yung haba ng hair ni Hae Soo, umabot siguro dito sa Pinas! Her almost love story with the Wang Wook would be something that I have expected to fail, as she later on grew interest to Wang So.

FIRST IMPRESSION] Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Ep 1-5 – Just moon148

I love how Wang Eun grew up in a short time as he learned to love Soon Deok, these young lovers’ death is a painful one for me! Wang Eun’s love story might be a little short but it was pure and innocent just how he and his wife was.

Image result for wang eun and soon deok gif

Baek Ah on the other hand, is someone who knows what he wants. It was a little heartbreaking as he witnessed how Woo Hee sacrificed herself for her people.

The unexpected love stories I’ve got would be Chae Ryung’s one sided feelings for Wang Won as well as Wang Jung to Hae Soo. Both characters came in like a blessing and they all did anything they can for love.

4. The sets and the costumes will definitely take you back in time.

We all know that this drama is under historical, romance, fantasy, and Korean melodrama as its genre. Upon watching, I’ve noticed how the creative director, production designer, and costume heads take a lot of time to study and create a good set that is suited for the drama’s timeline.

Related image
5. You’ll feel the intense battle for the throne.

Sure, the men were part of the Royal Household, but it only take one prince to ascend to the throne. King Taejo was a distant father to his sons as is it visibly present throughout the drama. He tried his best not to play favorites as he knew that his sons are different from each other. He grants them whatever they want whenever his sons makes him feel proud.

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Related image

The King’s relationship to Wang So is something that warms my heart. He may not be very vocal or showy, but he tries his best to show that he cares and he loves Wang So especially the moment he gave a new mask for him.

Despite the Princes’ lively mood and stable brother relationships, hid their desire to be crowned as the next king, towards the series, we’ve found out how these Princes can do anything, even ignoring the one they love just to take the throne. One of the scenes that I loved would be during Wang Eun’s birthday, when they all gathered to wish him a happy birthday.

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6. The Ending.

Is it a happy ending? Personally speaking it is a happy-okay ending for me. Everything fall back into place. Ha Jin/Hae Soo came back in the present-day, and we’ll never knew what happened to the Goryeo she left aside from the huge painting of Gwangjong indicating that he was a good and wise king. It felt a little heartbreaking because these two lovers didn’t even had a good time to be with each other. Sila yung isa sa mga example ng pinagtagpo pero hindi itinadhana. (Aside from King Taejo and Court Lady Oh).

However, it is a good move on how the producers left something for Wang So as maybe, Hae Soo’s parting gift to him, and I think that is enough to make us feel that their love for each other is true.

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We all knew that Ha Jin/Hae Soo’s time in Goryeo is limited, and as much as we all want her to stay, the story wouldn’t make sense especially she finished her mission already. But still, despite of the endings, I am still curious if it’ll have a sequel. Sobrang bitin. Gwangjong’s final words kept me awake for a few days because I was actually hoping it’ll have a sequel just like the Chinese version.

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7. The OST.

I’m really picky when it comes to appreciating a K-Drama’s OST, but I also got hooked with Scarlet Heart’s OST! Their soundtrack is very ear-catching and being a fan of YG Entertainment and Loco, I was pleased to know that some of my favorite artists were part of their soundtrack.

Have a throwback by listening to ‘Say Yes’ by Punch and Loco:

8. There will be some lessons to be learned.

The drama doesn’t only tells us about the story on how Hae Soo became a good impact to the Princes of Goryeo. We’ve learned how parents can actually shape their child’s behavior as they grow up, especially when Queen Yoo ignored Wang So throughout her life. We’ve learned how someone can sacrifice their life for someone they love, be it a person or they nation. Aside from these, we’ve witnessed how big of an impact a woman’s presence can be to influence a man as he lives. I love how Ha Jin/Hae Soo became a good influence to the Goryeo Princes with her bubbly and upright character that helped them value the brotherhood of Baek Ah, Wang Eun, Wang Jung, and Wang So.

Is it worth the tears, laughs, and late-night sleep?

Definitely. This drama introduces you to another historical moment that shaped the Korea we know today. It might be a little romance-centered but the kiligs were worth it! The drama is also worth watching especially knowing how the casts grew closer with each other throughout the shooting.

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If you haven’t watched this drama yet, try to give it a chance and watch the first few episodes. If you’ve finished watching it already, tara, re-watch natin, mga bes! Still…..hoping for the sequel!

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Image Sources: SBS, Cosmopolitan

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