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Lee Joon Gi sends food truck support to IU in the filming set of “Dream”

Lee Joon Gi also known as the 4th prince in Scarlet Heart Ryeo sent food truck support to IU in the filming set of Dream on June 29.

Dream is IU’s upcoming movie together with Park Seo Joon and it said that they have started the filming in May.

Moreover, IU posted four photos on her personal Instagram account with the caption, “4th prince, Joon Gi, thank you every time.”

Lee Joon Gi and IU both starred in 2016 drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo and they eventually maintained a close friendship since then.

They supported each other in any way just like how IU sent two food trucks support to Lee Joon Gi on the set of tvN’s Lawless Lawyer in 2018.

Lee Joon Gi sent food truck support, as well, to IU on the filming set of Hotel Del Luna in 2019. Not just that, he also attended IU’s concerts since 2016 and recently spotted watching IU’s Love, Poem concert in 2019.

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Evidently, they have an admirable friendship that made the fans look forward for more of their interaction together.

Meanwhile, Dream is set to be released on 2021.

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