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Dating a ‘Ryan Gold’: Here’s How It Feels When You Have a Supportive Boyfriend as a Fangirl!

So let me get this straight, my name is Hazel and yes, I’m a fangirl with a boyfriend! Even though I’ve been sharing my feels, exploding in kiligs, and sometimes imagines that I’m dating oppas, I actually have my own namja chingu that I share my feels with.

Most of my fellow fangirl friends often calls him as Ryan Gold of Her Private Life. Nope, he doesn’t look like Kim Jae Wook and nope he is not an Art Museum director. He simply earned the title because it fits him being supportive on my fangirl journey. Just like how Ryan Gold is with Deok Mi right?

Kim Jae Wook Can't Take His Eyes Off Park Min Young On “Her ...
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Throughout our relationship, I’ll share with you some of our unique moments whenever I spazz and share my feels with him! Maybe you and your own namja can relate too!

We tend to have dates on a KBBQ restaurants.

I can say that we’re both foodies and we’ve been exploring different restaurants ever since. With the rise of Samgyupsals in the Metro, we can’t deny that we’ve frequented some of the popular unlimited samgyupsal restaurants. We even go there with our friends and catch up with our daily lives while listening to K-POP songs!

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I have my sundo whenever I attend events.

I’ve attended several concerts and fan meetings of my faves. Sometimes, I want to bring him with me but we all know that buying two tickets might be too expensive. So whenever I attend events, he just accompanies me at the entrance and waits for me in a nearby coffee shop!

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And yes, I admit, every time I greet him after an event, it will always be, “Omg, ang pogi nila!” I get to explode all of my ~feels~ and tell him how my experience went.

Sometimes, he turns as my emergency piggy bank.

Ticket selling is one of the challenges I encounter in attending the events. Sometimes, my savings is not yet enough or I lack a small amount to get the seat that I wanted. Thankfully, my boyfriend lends me his extra cash so I can go to the ticket selling well prepared! The power of utang is real with this one!

my strange hero discovered by .ɴᴏᴠᴇɴɪɪ. on We Heart It
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Don’t worry, I pay my debt and I’m debt-free from him already!

I get an instant travel buddy!

As a dedicated fangirl, South Korea is one of my dream destination. I haven’t been there yet, but I’m planning too! Having a guy who gets to understand your interest in Korean culture can be a good thing as he’ll get to understand where I’m coming from when I want to visit the different palaces from Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Kingdom and the list goes on!

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Changdeokgung Palace: The Second Royal Palace
Photo from The Seoul Guide

Not only do I have an amazing travel buddy, but he can double as my photographer too!

He’s a converted (somehow) fanboy!

We were both unaware how it happened. I just insisted on asking him to watch Goblin and the rest is history! At present, we’ve been asking each other for some interesting titles to watch. Here’s how our conversation goes when we talk about K-drama or K-variety:

However, aside from watching K-dramas, I’m a huge fan of K-POP too! My ultimate group is BIGBANG and is followed by WINNER and iKON. And yes, my guy is a casual listener of Korean music too! He’s into TWICE and ITZY lately. I sometimes wonder if I should get him a merchandise!~

Here’s how we chat when it comes to our favorites:

Aside from Korean dramas, varieties, and music that keeps us both entertained, I can say that dating someone who understands your love for the Korean culture is an overwhelming feeling! I get to share my emotions and feelings when I get too attached in a certain show or if somebody hates on my faves.

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Do I consider myself as lucky?

Maybe! But I think that I am more blessed. We’ve been together for quite some time now, and thanks to the different Korean shows, we’ve developed something in common — our appreciation for the Korean culture!

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo | K-Drama Amino
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From the entertainment, food, and fashion — we’ve been so immersed to it that I sometimes think maybe we can move to South Korea too!

I know, there are some couples who aren’t very much supportive when the other half is into the Hallyu Wave. Sometimes, too much Korean shows can even lead to fights or even break-ups. I’m just thankful that I have a guy with me who’s very supportive in any decisions that I make especially when it comes to my fangirling duties!

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P.S To my namja chingu, if you are reading this, thank you and:

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Baka mapasabi ka ng “sana all” bes ha? Don’t worry! I’m pretty sure you’ll meet someone who’ll love and accept you whoever you and your biases are! Just stay true to yourself and don’t hide your feels!


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