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MAMAMOO’s MoonByul will take part in a remake of Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST “Say Yes” for Punch’s new album

It has been a roller coaster ride for fans of the hit 2016 drama series “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” as ‘related’ content of the drama surfaces in some platforms.

First up would be the recent interaction between IU and Lee Joon Gi, who portrayed Hae Soo and Wang So, on Instagram. She responded (IN CHARACTER) to a video he posted (THAT LOOKS VERY FAMILIAR TBH).

“Hae Soo: You are finally here.”
“Wang So: It took a long time.” 

Join me in constant prayer for a next season!

Next up would be a remake of the hit song “Say Yes.” As part of Punch’s new digital single album, MAMAMOO’s MoonByul will take part in a remake of the song “Say Yes.” The song is part of the original soundtrack for the hit 2016 drama series and was originally sung by Punch and rapper LOCO.

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Yam Yam Entertainment announced the MAMAMOO main rapper’s participation in the remake of the single last May 21. 

The remake single will be available on May 27 as Punch drops his new single album “News.”

Listen to the original as we await the remake, bes!

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