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New K-drama Alert: 365: Repeat The Year

If you are given the chance to go back in time and change your life, would you grab it?

365: Repeat the Year is a new Korean drama by MBC starring Lee Joon Hyuk, Nam Ji Hyun, and Kim Ji Soo. It gives 10 people a chance to go back a year earlier to change something in their life. An attractive offer; who would not want to change something from their past? But then strange things begin to happen and one by one death approaches them. After that, the 10 people who thought their life has changed for the better start to fight for their survival.

You can watch it on VIU

Reasons To Watch 365: Repeat The Year

1. The Plot

After watching romantic comedies and slice-of-life drama, this is really refreshing. If you love Final Destination minus the gruesome kind of deaths (based on episodes 1 and 2) with a mix of the survival instinct of Maze Runner and Hunger Games, this one is for you. It might not be a new plot, but you will love how it will intrigue and make you become the next Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys.

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2. The Characters

You will see a lot of familiar faces in this drama. Since this drama is basically about time travel, it’s fun to connect their current roles with their memorable roles in other K-dramas.

A bit of a spoiler, they were supposed to be eleven (11). But one of them, a pregnant lady, decided not to show up on the day of the “RESET”.


3. Everything is connected

The choices that you make do not only affect you. They also play a role in the people you encounter. May it be good or bad; big or small, you will become a part of their past, present, and future. You would definitely say “It’s a small world” while watching this drama. Ten (10) people who don’t know each other, meet for the first time with one goal in mind; to change the current state of their life. In Episode 2 you will have a glimpse of that connection and it’s not a good one.

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4. The Psychiatrist

This character is what sets this story apart. They were able to go back in time because of this one person. A person that I believe is not what you expect her to be. Her physical appearance shows a kind and concerned person but her eyes reflects otherwise. I want to know what’s her real motives and what lies beneath those eyes.

5. The Writer and The Detective

The webtoon artist who thought her disability plays a very big factor in her bitter life. And a detective who can’t move on from guilt. Their story was already intertwined even before they met during the reset. A fan for a novel and a dog that knows both of them as his owner.

6. The dog named Maru

The dog plays an important role in finding out their connection. At the beginning of the story, the writer was the original owner of a dog named Maru. But because of an unfortunate event, the dog got lost and that’s how the detective found the dog and it even stayed with him before the Reset. Even the connection between the writer and the fiancé who wants to run away was shown by the dog.

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  1. Finished 6 of 24 episodes. Im very much satisfied with the performance of the actor. Nam ji hyun and Lee Joon Hyuk acting are so Good.

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