AO EXCLUSIVE: “Han River Police” cast members talk about their roles, share stories behind the making of the series

The water-splashing action-comedy series has debuted on Disney+!

Han River Police is a fictional series that depicts the crazy antics of Seoul’s Han River Police Force as they patrol the waterways and respond to emergencies including terrorist incidents, accidents, and more.

On September 12, The Annyeong Oppa team was invited to an exclusive virtual press conference of Han River Police ahead of its premiere. The cast members namely, Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Hee Won, Bae Da Bin, Shin Hyeon Seung, and Lee Sang Yi were in attendance at the said event alongside Director Kim Sang Cheol to dive deeper into the characters and the stories behind the making of this spectacular series.

The Origin of “Han River Police” Series

Director Kim shared how the idea of the Han River Police was created and it was from his own experience. One day, he was taking his daily strolls along the Han River because he felt vacant that day and then an accident occurred, he saw people in blue uniforms coming to the rescue. Witnessing that situation, he felt like he was being rescued as well from his vacant sentiments.

He said not many people know about this job, so he thinks that when he shows a story about them, it’s going to be fun!

About the Cast and their Roles

Kwon Sang Woo as Han Du Jin

Sang Woo plays the role of Han Du Jin, a very feisty police officer who has a sense of justice. Sang Woo said that he didn’t know much about the Han River Police Force but as they were filming the show he got to act in their uniforms, he mentioned that he didn’t take notice of them before but after filming the show, his perspective was changed.

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When he was asked about the reason why he chose the role, he said the script and the idea of an unknown story against the back job of something familiar to us made him decide to join the cast members.

According to him, there are a lot of underwater scenes in the series, he shared how difficult it was for him while filming but it was a new and exciting experience for him.

Kim Hee Won as Lee Chun Seok

Hee Won revealed that he knows about this job, but he doesn’t know that they provide so many services. According to him, a lot of people would be able to notice of Han River police forces and what they do through this series. He said the reason why he chose this project is that he loved the script.

He mentioned that he is somehow like Lieutenant Chun Seok in real life who is tired of everything, wants to go the safe way, never wants to go astray and privacy is really important to him.

In playing his role, Hee Won said that he got a yacht driving license because he had to drive a yacht in the series.

On the other hand, he was asked about how he feels about the popularity of Moving which he is currently starring in, he said he is delighted that many viewers are loving the show and hopes that they will show great love for this series as well.

Lee Sang Yi as Go Gi Seok

Lee Sang Yi plays the villain role, Go Gi Seok. Sang Yi says that when he first read the script, he thought that the whole concept of Han River Police was appealing, and he also likes that his character is the villain.

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Sang Yi said that his character has his motives and background story which the viewers have a lot of fun finding out. He went into training and also got a yacht driving license like Hee Won.

Bae Da Bin as Do Na Hee

Da Bin shared that she had tried being a police officer in her past work, but he didn’t know much about the Han River Police so when she first read the script, she researched what they do and there are some new aspects that they had so she thinks that this is going to be fun and she loves the idea of working with these seasoned actors and director Kim in the series.

Da Bin plays the role of a police officer named Na Hee who has a nickname of a “nut head”. She is passionate and has a strong sense of duty. She shared her similarity to her role Na Hee that she is extremely competitive as Da Bin in real life. Despite her being very afraid of water, she did the best job she could to learn to swim.

Shin Hyeon Seung as Jisoo

Jisoo is the youngest among the police force and is very upfront and a little clumsy at times too. He is very obsessed with working out. He said he got some advice from the OG when it comes to perfectly chiseled body, Sang Woo to eat well.

When he heard the title of Han River Police, he thought that this was going to be fun and exciting. He wanted to get on board because there are these veteran actors that he loves to work together with. He said the chemistry of the team was so great.

The Reunion of Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Hee Won

Following the 2019 film, The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful, Sang Woo and Hee Won reunite again here in Han River Police they join forces to secure the safety of Han River.


Sang Woo and Hee Won complimented each other. According to Sang Woo, Hee Won is such a wonderful actor and has a good acting caliber so he feels relaxed when he is working with him because he can just trust him and rely on him a lot.

“Everything just falls into place perfectly when I’m working with Sang Woo”, Hee Won stated. He works hard and he’s really fun to work with.

Message from the Casts

The press conference wrapped up with the cast members describing the series. Sang Woo said Han River Police is a must-see series. “Please watch Han River Police”, Hee Won remarked.

Sang Yi mentioned that they shot the drama during a very cold winter, it was challenging but he had so much fun. “Watch Han River Police on Disney+”, he concluded.

“We all did our best, we prepared a lot, worked on the chemistry and worked with an amazing crew as well so I hope that all of you will have high hopes for the show and give us great reviews and I hope you watch it”, Da Bin’s last words.

The youngest among the cast members, Shin Hyeon Seung described the series as “All of the scenes are amazing memorable scenes”.

Lastly, director Kim is so grateful for all the people who helped him and for the cast who did a great job. “An amazing cast” he concluded.

Han River Police is now streaming on Disney+. Enjoy watching!

All Images are courtesy of Disney Plus Philippines

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